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Better Education
        pAKisTAN          Curriculum: Pakistani  Facilities: Multi-purpose grand auditorium, which is one of the
        EDuCATioNAl       Age: KG1 to Grade 12  most expensive units of the school buildings. It is the centre of
        ACADEmy           Term dates: Sep-Dec,   multifarious indoor activities, with a capacity of approximately
        Oud Metha Rd      Dec-Mar, Mar-Jun   600 seats, medical care, school library, computer laboratory,
        Dubai             Fees: AED5,985 to AED8,210  play area for KG, sports and games, art rooms, home economics
        04 337 0126       Waiting list? No   laboratory, udio-visual room is equipped with televisions,  Transport? Yes     DVD and VHS players, over-head projector, stereo systems as            KHDA rating: Acceptable  teaching aids and an extensive collection of educational audio
                                             and video cassettes for KG students.

        pHilADElpHiA      Curriculum: US     Facilities: Library, science labs, multi-purpose halls, auditorium,
        pRivATE sCHool    Age: KG1 to Grade 12  indoor and outdoor sports areas, physical education, computers.
        Al Muhaisnah      Term dates: Aug, Dec, Mar
        Dubai             Fees: AED17,714 to AED30,333  Extracurricular activities: Football, karate, basketball, clay
        04 264 6202       Waiting list? No   modelling, memorisation of Koran, computer, creative art, folk  Transport? Yes    dance, ballet.      KHDA rating: Acceptable

        pRisTiNE          Curriculum: UK     Facilities: This 100,000-square-foot campus comprises of a
                                             kindergarten activity area, multipurpose hall, sports grounds,
                          Age: FS1 to Year 13
        pRivATE sCHool    Term dates: Sep-Dec,    covered swimming pool, interactive audio-visual support rooms,
        Al Nahda 2        Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   libraries and science labs.
        Dubai             Fees: AED13,319 to AED22,184
        04 267 4299       Waiting list? Yes  Extracurricular activities: Ice skating, swimming, karate, football,
        04 267 5822       Transport? Yes     music, drama, annual concerts.  KHDA rating: Good
        quEEN             Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Bus service, science labs, playground,
        iNTERNATioNAl     Age: KG1 to Grade 12  library, canteen.
        sCHool            Term dates: Sep-Jun
        Hor Al Anz        Fees: AED13,881 to AED26,032  Extracurricular activities: ICT club, art club, environment club,
        Deira             Waiting list? No   literacy club, math club, science club, sports club, field trips,
        Dubai             Transport? Yes     sports, talent show, assemblies, bookfair.
        04 265 2600       KHDA rating: Acceptable

        NATioNAl CHARiTy   Curriculum: MOE   Facilities: Large rooms for band and performing arts, five art
        sCHool            Age: KG1 to Grade 12  rooms, four science labs, four computer labs, journalism room,
        Al Garhoud        Term dates: Apr-Jun,    regulation baseball diamond, two outdoor basketball courts,
        Dubai             Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar   grassed playing field.
        04 282 1942       Fees: AED4,277 to AED7,841  Waiting list? No  Extracurricular activities: Computers, community service, drama,  Transport? Yes   environmental conservation, excursions, expeditions, literary
                          KHDA rating: Acceptable  magazine, newspaper, photography, yearbook, debate, sailing.

        NEW ACADEmy       Curriculum: US     Facilities: Swimming pool, science lab, two computer labs,
        sCHool            Age: KG1 to Grade 12  multimedia room, multipurpose hall.
        Al Mina Road      Term dates: Sep-Dec,
        Bur Dubai         Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Extracurricular activities: Football, basketball, sports.
        Dubai             Fees: AED11,360 to AED26,505
        04 398 8873       Waiting list? Yes  Transport? Yes  KHDA rating: Acceptable

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