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Giving peace of mind to landlords

       and tenants since 1986

       Tenants’ checklist to find the perfect property

       Research the location                                                                            P

       Establish your key priorities - what do you want from your home?                                 P

       Budget - check you can afford what you want                                                      P

       Measurements - check the size of the unit, and of any furniture you want to move in              P

       Inspect air conditioning, wiring and plumbing                                                    P

       Prepare documents - your consultant will tell you what you need                                  P

       Prepare post-dated cheques for rent payment, security deposit and agency’s fees                  P

       Your contract will be drawn up once fees are paid. Check all clauses before signing.             P

       Landlord’s checklist for attracting the best tenants

       List your property with Better Homes                                                             P

       Take advice from our consultants on rental prices                                                P

       Update your property - make sure bathrooms and kitchen are modern and clean                      P

       Maintenance - fresh paint will make your property look more appealing                            P

       Prepare for photo shoots - make sure the property is tidy and clean                              P

       Attend to outside space - sweep balconies or tidy garden                                         P

       Be flexible about viewing times                                                                  P
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