Page 3 - Introducing Better Homes Sales
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Giving peace of mind to buyers and
sellers since 2002

Buyer checklist for finding the perfect property                                                 P
Establish your finances - research mortgages to work out your budget, open a local bank account  P
Choose a location, explain your priorities to your sales consultant                              P
Find a property - attend viewings and make a decision based on key priorities                    P
Ask your consultant to inform you of sales fees and help prepare required documentation          P
Make an offer through your consultant                                                            P
If agreed, send documents to your consultant                                                     P
Register the title deed with the Land Department                                                 P
Take legal advice for the drafting of the sales and purchase agreement (SPA)
Check you can meet the transfer date and payment deadline before paying the deposit

Seller checklist for finding the buyer you want                                                  P
List your property with Better Homes                                                             P
Take advice from your consultant on how to best market the property                              P
Ask your consultant to help you set a realistic asking price                                     P
Be flexible about viewings                                                                       P
Prepare for photo shoots - make sure the property is tidy and clean                              P
Prepare the SPA and other documentation with help from your consultant                           P
Ask your bank for a liability letter to allow the buyer’s bank to pay off your mortgage          P
Check documents required by the buyer’s bank and submit them                                     P
Meet with buyer, buyer’s bank, consultant, mortgage consultant, developer or Land Department
If the buyer’s bank issues a guarantee letter, your property is sold
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