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                                                                                 Ottava pendant
                                                                                lamp, Dhs145, IKEA

                                                                                            Rustic seat,
                                                                                          Dhs4,720, FlAmAnt


                                                    Shop for…

                             Dining table,   IndustRIAl
                          Dhs7,528, muuto at

                                               Achieve that warehouse

                                                look with the right mix
                                                   of wood and metal

              Moustache bold
              chair, Dhs2,300,
               ComptoIr 102
                                                                 Industrial loft side table,
                                                                   Dhs2,499, KArE at
                                                                   ChAttEls & morE

         Ask the eXPeRt

                                 Sonia Essaddi, brand     the materials are usually   your walls for an artist’s loft
                                 manager for Flamant      stained or aged.         feel and add a solid burst of
                                 UAE, on achieving the     “Look for furniture that   colour to maintain balance
                                 warm, utilitarian look.  offers simple silhouettes and    and demarcate different
                                 “The industrial style is   a weathered character.   spaces in the home. This nod
                                 inspired by old factories and   Brushed metal, glass,   to the Industrial Revolution
                                 characterised by metals and   reclaimed wood and furniture   is a perfect look for any space,
                                 wood surfaces. Designs are   in neutral colours are great   whether modern or classic,
                                 often influenced by 19th-  for creating a rustic look in   because it offers warmth and
                                 century industry pieces, so   your home. Hang some art on   oodles of personality.”

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