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                                                                                        Grain pendant
                                                                                        lamp, Dhs619,

                it up                                                   Ethan Allen
        For optimum comfort
            for your eyes,
          combine ambient                                                        Thonet 214, Dhs2,422 (EUR560),
             and natural                                                              thonet showrooM

        Petite Friture Mediterranean
          table lamp, Dhs3,630,
             CoMptoir 102                                       Workspace coffee
                                                                 table, Dhs9,999,
                                                                 Chattels & More

                                      Decorating School
                            creating a home                                                Ferme living

                                    office Space                                           CoMptoir 102

                                        Design a work area to make
                                            you crazy productive

                             “Your home office area needs   Thonet; and an armoire for stashing your wireless
                             to be a calming space to keep   printer and office supplies or a built-in desk with
                             you focused while you work,”   shelving. For lighting that ensures you can see
                             says Mathilde Danglade, jewellery   what you’re doing clearly, I like pendant lights
                             designer and artistic director   hanging above the desk.
                             at concept store Comptoir 102.   “Organisation is key. While there are tons of
                “A small room with a large window to maximise   products available, I recommend a cable organiser
                the natural light is a great starting point. Keep   and a hanging desk organiser – for my line of
                the palette neutral with just one or two pops of   work, I need to be able to pin up a lot of things,
                colour. My home office floors are painted white   as well as easily see upcoming projects and
                so the space can double up as a studio for photo   current project tasks. When I can see something
                shoots. Consider a simple yet spacious farm table   all the time, I tend to be better at delivering
                for a desk; an interesting desk chair, such as a   it on schedule.”

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