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                                    style files

                                 Take your cue from those in the know

         Steal my Style                                                              Gone to the

                                                                                      Sea-inspired touches
                       Sisters and founders   aim with our collections is to reproduce our   for your home
                       of furniture brand    country’s values and atmosphere, such as our
                       Blanc Mariclò,        sense of hospitality. A warm, inviting Italian
                       Mariangela and        home is often represented by an elegant,
                       Claudia Federighi     simple space and good cooking. We are also
                                             inspired by Italian art, music, architecture
                       Design DNA            and landscapes.
                       Our team of designers
                       travel and study trends   Top décor tip
        in fashion and home interiors to combine   Always make your space your own. This
        contemporary style with our Italian heritage,   means that when decorating a house, a   Marine anchor lamp, Dhs160,
        from ancient paintings, mosaics and frescoes   restaurant or a hotel, you always need a   PAn EmirAtEs
        to villas and museums.               personal touch – something from the past
                                             and something from your own life, so you will
        Wallpaper or paint?                  feel at home rather than feeling like you’re in
        We prefer paint that is vintage inspired.   an anonymous, glossy showroom.
        Paint feels more authentic even if you can
        find amazing wallpapers that look like real,   Home scents
        textured, painted walls.             We love European jasmine – it’s a bit more
                                             sour than jasmine from Asia and the Middle
        Splurge on...                        East. We like to mix it with orange and lemon
        A big table that allows everyone to come   in the summer, while we prefer to combine it   Nautica candle stand, Dhs420,
        together to chat over a plate of pasta. As   with sweeter perfumes during the winter.   Al HuzAifA
        Italians, eating with family and friends is an
        important part of our lives.         Prized possession
                                             A big antique oil painting.
        Colour combo to try
        A neutral base – white, taupe, ecru – is an   Design heroes
        easy, calm base that works well with a touch   Painter, sculptor, interior decorator and
        of colour. Green, in all its shades, goes really   engraver Piero Fornasetti as well as
        well with neutrals.                  architect, interior designer and production
                                             designer Renzo Mongiardino. They were
        Inspirations                         unique, innovative and their style was very   Six-piece canvas set,
        We are mostly inspired by our home: Italy.   personal – you can always easily recognise   Dhs139, HomEs r us
        We grew up in a Tuscan farmhouse and our   their work at first sight.

                                                                                  fOllOW NOW…
                                                                                  Living on the California coast,
                                                                                  interior designers Mackenzie
                                                                                  Doane, Janna Lund Rodgers
                                                                                  and Jean Duffin are fuelled by
                                                                                  ocean views, farm-to-table food
                                                                                  and pops of bright flowers. To
                                                                                  that end, their Instagram feed
                                                                                  captures the lovely West Coast
                                                                                  light, its lush greenery and relaxed
                                                                                  beach vibe. “We love to mix
                                                                                  classic influences with modern
                                                                                  details,” Mackenzie enthuses.
                                                                                  “And we find inspiration in our
                                                                                  clients’ passions, stories and
                                                                                  surroundings to create inviting
                                                                                  spaces for them.”

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