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               hen TV presenter Naoufer Ramoul     apartment, she knew it was the one.
               moved to the UAE seven years ago, she   She also immediately knew that she wanted
        Wimmediately fell in love with Jumeirah    interior design company Harf Noon Design Studio
        Lake Towers. “I liked the concept of high-rise   to decorate her home when she spotted its work
        buildings overlooking lakes, even though the area   on Instagram. She had even taken the company's
        wasn’t complete at that time. There weren’t any   founder Nisrine El Lababidi Moghraby along to
        traffic signals or greenery and there were only   some of her viewings.
        a few shops and supermarkets yet I preferred   Once the home was chosen, Nisrine sat down
        the location to Dubai Marina and The Springs,   with Naoufer and asked her plenty of questions so
        knowing that it would develop very quickly,” says   that she could better understand her personality,
        Naoufer, who produces and hosts weekly political   as well as her interests, likes and dislikes, the way
        debate show Qabil li Niqash.               she spends her time in different rooms and daily
          She was right. After six years of renting in the   routine within the space. The resulting brief was
        fast-developing community, Naoufer decided to   straightforward: Naoufer wanted her apartment
        buy her own apartment. “My home hunt lasted   to be her sanctuary, a place she could share with
        approximately six months until I found the rare   her cat and could entertain easily without the need
        pearl,” she enthuses.                      for too much space. Before Nisrine proceeded, they
          Coincidentally she found her dream home in a   discussed a couple of images that Naoufer had
        building nearby, in the same cluster and it even   saved, including one of an Ebarza Egg Chair, and
        shared the identical apartment number to the one   one of a large, contemporary dressing room.
        that she’d been living in for the previous six years.   The apartment opened immediately onto its
        “It has everything I need – two bedrooms, a storage   new, open-plan kitchen, so a beautiful painting
        room, a laundry room. Plus, it was fully upgraded   of a grey mare was placed on the opposite wall
        and offers a beautiful view of the lake.” The light   to create a sense of an entrance. “The mare is
        and airy apartment also boasts a living room that   very feminine and solid, courageous and patient,
        opens up onto a balcony with a wonderful view of   loyal and friendly – in a way it represents my
        Sheikh Zayed Road and the lawn of the Emirates   own personality,” says Naoufer. The painting was
        Hills Golf Course. As soon as Naoufer saw the   anchored with a small console from Luz De Luna

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