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                          My home hunt lasted approximately
                        six months until I found the rare pearl

        and styled with warm metals, while the entrance   hues in the room. Layers and textures were added
        set the colour palette for the entire home with its   to create a serene and luxurious feel.
        elegant, soft hues.                         To complement Naoufar’s TV career, for which
          A 72-inch television became the focal point for   personal presentation is crucial, the second
        the living room. “I can’t live without it,” Naoufar   bedroom was transformed into an all-white
        admits. The space was designed for entertaining   dressing room. “We did a bit of an IKEA hack
        with plenty of seating, while soft tones were   by making an island of drawers placed back to
        contrasted with a pop of colour from the   back and finishing it with a glass top,” Nisrine
        Ebarza Egg chair and a rug from Carpet Centre.   explains. A little desk was added to the back,
          The kitchen had already been remodeled by   which offered space to work, when needed, and
        Meiwe’s Kitchens with all appliances from Miele,   a single grey IKEA bed was also installed. The
        so only the backsplash and some doors were toned   dressing room was styled with perfume bottles on
        down from vibrant orange to a beautiful greyish   a mirrored tray, simple window treatments and
        green that complemented the overall neutrals of   a huge hanging IKEA burst lightfoot along with
        the apartment.                             a selection of pretty orchids.
          The balcony was styled with decorative greens,   “I collected dozens of images of luxurious
        lots of candles, colourful cushions and a throw,   spacious closets for years wishing that one day
        while another painting of a horse was added to the   I would have my own,” Naoufar reveals.
        master bedroom as inspiration for the rest of the   Sometimes, the best things come to those who wait.

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