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             The community concept
         was one of the main reasons
               I chose to move here

        and floors were stripped back, The Design   aesthetic,” Anil says, adding: “We
        Agency discovered historical gems that   collaborated with the architects, interior
        they wanted to incorporate into the   designers, partners, contractors,
        design. For example, the front entry   and sub-contractors – bringing in all
        vestibule had a stunning black and white   of their ideas and incorporating them
        mosaic pattern that was honoured and   successfully was the biggest and most
        incorporated into the design proposal,   rewarding challenge.”
        original banisters were kept in the   Their approach was to have key
        communal corridor and ceiling rosettes,   elements run throughout the property,
        found in the suites, were highlighted as a   while retaining a differentiated and
        historical reference.             curated aesthetic for every room and
          The team sought to inject character,   bedroom. The Design Agency and William
        colour, modern touches and functional   Jude incorporated artistic touches with
        components that would make shared   accessories and art, along with furnishing
        living a breeze. They also wanted to   each apartment with a colourful yet
        include artisan touches. “Creating a   classic style and design.
        distinct style for the brand was essential   To add personality, each apartment has
        to the success of the project,” Anil   a different colour SMEG fridge and Froy
        says. To this end, a swing chair, from   retro sofa, and unique, local pieces were
        boutique designer Michelle Varian’s store,   bought from artists and vintage stores.
        furnishes a nook in the hallway; open   High-quality pieces were included,
        shelving keeps the kitchen organised and   from mattresses by Casper to NEST
        is also great for storage; freestanding   temperature controls, a Butterfly
        islands allow for conversation but also   wireless intercom and SONOS speakers.
        can be utilised as another kitchen surface   Convenience was of paramount
        and extra storage. Inspired by the artists   importance along with a communal focus,
        who influence the neighbourhood and   so open kitchens have custom-made
        their lifestyle, the design team created   islands, there are plenty of bookshelves,
        a playful and youthful space. “We were   made from reclaimed wood, and the
        focused on creating thoughtful touches   living spaces are layered to give them a
        throughout the property, always aiming   bright and airy quality. Bathrooms are
        to make it feel like a home, and the   softer with heritage-inspired styling and
        challenge was bringing the whole concept   bedrooms are homely, with comfortable
        together for a unified and cohesive   beds and headboards, wardrobes, bedside

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