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                                                                              table lamps and desks for working.
                                                                                Brooklyn style and history influenced
                                                                              the communal areas, with items sourced
                                                                              locally as much as possible. The residents’
                                                                              lounge offers an escape with deep
                                                                              colours, relaxed seating and heritage
                                                                              Flavor Paper wallpaper to create a
                                                                              conversation and reference back to the
                                                                              history of the building. With the rooftop
                                                                              and backyard, The Design Agency kept
                                                                              design elements relaxed and playful
                                                                              with colourful outdoor furniture, bench
                                                                              seating and string lighting for a day to
                                                                              night transition. “The backyard is the
                                                                              perfect place to host barbeques – the
                                                                              recycled timber fence and built-in seating
                                                                              encourages residents to gather as much
                                                                              as possible with plenty of space for
                                                                              friends,” Anil says.
                                                                                By honouring the building’s history
                                                                              and its local culture and people, Bushwick
                                                                              offers an authentic experience as well
                                                                              as convenience. “We love seeing people’s
                                                                              reactions to the spaces,” Anil says, simply.
                                                                                “I love the street parties, outdoor
                                                                              communal areas and being among the
                                                                              arty, unique people, who live here,”
                                                                              Oliver enthuses.
                                                                                The property is Node’s first boutique
                                                                              residence and it is perhaps unsurprising
                                                                              that the company will launch two
                                                                              more Brooklyn residences this autumn,
                                                                              followed by residences in Los Angeles and
                                                                              Dublin next year.

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