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        Shorten the School run
        Three homes within 15 minutes’
        drive of Jumeira Baccalaureate

        ANI Jumeirah 2         AED 250,000
        Jumeirah                 per year
        Sachin Das
        Ref No. VI351955           4 BR
        RERA Permit No. 11597   1,700 sq. ft.

                                         Which School?

                                         Jumeira Baccalaureate School head of secondary,
                                         Erika Elkady, on its supportive community

                                                    What sets your school   Is there anything else parents should
                                                    apart from others in    know about?
                                                    the city?              We have partnerships with the wider
        Jumeirah Living        AED 185,000
        World Trade Center       per year           As an International    community and the role of parents as
        Gupesh Sharma                               Baccalaureate school,    supporters of the school is highly valued.
        Ref No. AP351130           2 BR             we offer all four      Therefore, parents are often invited to
        RERA Permit No. 11597   2,336 sq. ft.
                                         baccalaureate programmes. We boast   attend information sessions on a myriad
                                         excellent results with 100% pass rate   of topics, ranging from the curriculum
                                         during three out of the last four years,   to a healthy lifestyle. What’s more,
                                         and we have achieved outstanding BTec   for students and their parents, school
                                         results. We offer a flexible curriculum   leaders are easily approachable and are
                                         based on our students’ interests, an   visible in the school.
                                         extensive after-school programme
                                         and we provide a variety of trips, from   What do your key facilities include?
                                         adventure camps to overseas adventures.  Our excellent sports amenities, which
                                           We have a strong community. Our   include a large sports field, covered
                                         staff is invested in its students’ wellbeing   swimming pool and tennis courts has
                                         and success. We also have an involved   aided several teams entering into local
                                         parent and friends’ association.  leagues. Alongside our wide choice of
                                                                           extra curriculum activities, we also have
                                         Tell us about your team…          additional options that are offered by
                                         We believe that each student should be   external companies.
                                         able to reach his or her full potential in   We have a two-storey library with
        Jumeirah Living        AED 170,000  a caring and safe learning environment   auditorium, while our healthy and
        World Trade Center       per year  where teachers know each individual   nutritional school food programme
        Gupesh Sharma                    child and are therefore able to cater to   is provided by food and beverage
        Ref No. AP67751            2 BR
        RERA Permit No. 11597   1,851 sq. ft.  his or her learning needs and wellbeing.   experts, Slices.

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