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My landlord wants to increase the rent. Is this allowed?

I am a landlord, I want to increase the rent on my property. Is this allowed?

If you are new to Dubai, navigating what is and is not allowed in the rental sector can be confusing, but, there are regulations in place so that what is legally expected of both landlords and tenants should be clear to both parties.

The most recent update to residential property rental law in Dubai was Decree number 43 of 2013 regarding increases in rents. Rental increase caps were relaxed, but, there are still limits.

It used to be the case that landlords could not increase rent until a tenant had occupied the property for two years. This is no longer true - this regulation was dispensed with in Law 33 of 2008, but, despite the fact that there were widespread rent increases in 2013, it is still possible that your property is not legally eligible for one.

According to article 14 of Law 33 of 2008, landlords have the right to increase rent if the contract is up for renewal, but to within a certain level of current average market rates and they must give 90 days notice.

Is your property eligible for a rent increase?

Use the Real Estate Regulatory Agency’s (RERA) rent index calculator by clicking this link and entering your property details - www.dubailand.gov.ae

Click here to see the current legally allowed rent increases

Click here to find out what you can do to protect yourself under Dubai property law

Relevant laws

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