About Ajman

Ajman is located on the center of the Arabian Gulf Coast. It is the smallest emirate of UAE with total area of juts 260 square kilometers. It also includes two small islands named Manama and Masfut that are very fertile and rich in agriculture and farming. This emirate is geographically surrounded by Sharjah on its east, north and south. During 1980’s its population was so small but in past few years a remarkable rise has observed in its population as residents from other neighborhood emirates are considering Ajman to settle down. It is an ideal choice for those who love traditional lifestyle among friendly local residents and willing to enjoy warm sunny beaches. Besides occupying smallest land area in UAE, Ajman is very rich in historical landmarks in original forms without getting affected by huge number of concrete architectures. 

Ajman is also a heaven for shopping and dining activities. This emirate is more peaceful and capable to create highly cherished feeling as compared to other larger emirates of UAE. This city has build a world class resort that consist of huge hotel complex and shopping mall to promote tourism in this area, local and international retail shops, traditional commercial souks, banks and private companies to execute the needs of tourists and local residents.

The real estate market of Ajman also attracted local and foreigner property investors by offering low price properties to buyers and renters. Moreover, state government has also announced launching of freehold property ownership to foreigners in specific areas of the city to attract second home seekers and foreign investors. Residential and commercial properties at Ajman are available at much affordable prices as compare to Dubai and other larger emirates of UAE. 

Ajman is a perfect combination of Arabian and Western lifestyles with simplicity as its essence. It is a well transformed city of 21st century that represents a unique modern UAE city with rich Arabian culture less affected by fast lifestyle of today.