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Villas for sale in The Sustainable City

Learn More About Villas for Sale in The Sustainable City

Owing to its name, The Sustainable City is one of the well-known eco-friendly areas in Dubai. The environment-friendly project is one of a kind because it is the first zero-energy development in Dubai. Located on Al Qudra Road, close to Arabian Ranches, properties in The Sustainable City conserve energy. However, these properties still keep up with the extravagance of a luxurious lifestyle. The Sustainable City is located about 18 miles from Dubailand and consists of exclusive residential options. The Sustainable City features a high quality of life with about 500 villas in the development. The area is perfect for nature enthusiasts as it features nature-inspired architecture. The community consists of solar panels, car-free zones, and energy-efficient appliances. The district has saved about 7000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, attesting to its sustainability plan. 

The community offers several public buses, horse buggies, and charging stations for electric cars, continuously encouraging residents to steer clear of pollution. These electric buses are free of cost for those who choose to commute in them. Rental properties in Sustainable City range from villas to townhouses and apartments. Houses in The Sustainable City consist of insulated walls resulting in the production of 25-30 KWh in an hour. Moreover, the unit comes with a plan for recycling water and waste. 

What Types of Villas are in The Sustainable City?

Along with its ozone-friendly features, The Sustainable City offers luxurious villas ranging from 3-bedroom to 5-bedroom configurations. Villas in The Sustainable City are of exquisite quality. They contain perfectly landscaped gardens, fully equipped kitchens, spacious walk-in wardrobes as well as a private pool. Villas in the Sustainable City allow ample ventilation and natural light into the space. Due to the solar panels, residents can expect the lowest DEWA bills in the Sustainable City. All furnished villas feature en-suite bedrooms with energy-efficient appliances. Villas in The Sustainable City are airy, with a rooftop terrace and large living areas. They consist of an open-plan kitchen and a spacious maid’s room. These luxury villas are built while taking into consideration the natural sunlight and wind orientation to create cleaner and lower temperatures. 

Facilities in this family-friendly community are comprised of international schools, a rehab hospital, an equestrian centre, a tennis court, playgrounds, restaurants, and offices. In addition to cost-saving benefits, The Sustainable City is perfect for families with children as it features a car-free community where residents can walk, play and relax safely. Villas in The Sustainable city feature contemporary yet stylish architecture, with most of them having marble finishing. In terms of space, villas in The Sustainable city are expansive; a 3-bedroom villa range is around 3400 sq. ft., whereas 4 and 5-bedroom villas range from 5000-5600 sq. ft. The community is built of clusters, Cluster 1 and 2 being the most viable options for investors. 


What are the sale price trends for Villas in The Sustainable City?

Taking into consideration the modern architecture and space these properties offer, they are very reasonably priced. The average sale price for a 3-bedroom villa ranges from AED 2.5M to AED 3M. For a 4-bedroom villa in Sustainable City, the price ranges from AED 3.2M to AED 4M. For a 5-bedroom villa in Sustainable City, the price range is AED 5M to AED 12M depending on the size. Due to its energy-conserving nature, the community offers a low cost of living while ensuring an exquisite lifestyle for residents. Most of these villas do not even have service charges. Moreover, the DEWA bill is 50% less as compared to other places in Dubai. With minimum running costs, villas in The Sustainable city certainly offer good value for money. The area is best for people who enjoy living in the countryside while enjoying the benefits of being in a fast-paced city. 

What is the lifestyle in The Sustainable City like?

The community in The Sustainable City is extremely desirable, with plenty of facilities for residents. The district features a community mall for residents known as The Sustainable City Plaza. The area offers various dining options, ranging from fine dining to quick grab-n-go. This self-sustaining area also offers a variety of cafes, clinics, tutoring centres, spas, and interactive activities for kids. Offering a healthy lifestyle for the residents of The Sustainable City, the area consists of a jogging and cycling track that is 4 KM long. Moreover, the district consists of a community gym featuring equipment that produces power when used. Keeping up with the theme, the playgrounds between villa clusters are a classic embodiment of the eco-friendly idea of the community since the surface of the gardens has been made of recycled tires. 

For families with children, the master development is home to one of the best schools in Dubai, Falgreen International School. For college students, the Dubai International Academic City is just 20 minutes from the Sustainable City. The development provides a refreshing and serene environment to residents who can enjoy the “Green” lifestyle.

What are the reasons for investing in The Sustainable City?

Due to its environment-friendly nature, the community offers a sustainable future, making it a great place to invest in residential and commercial properties. These properties not only take care of the environment but also provide a smart living option using the latest technology. The area offers a myriad of amenities and recreational activities for residents. The development has plenty of apartments, commercial spaces, and villas, allowing different people to be a part of the community. With minimum costs, the return on investment holds a high net worth. 3-bedroom villas offer about 5.5% ROI, whereas 4-bedroom villas offer a 5.3% ROI. 

The eco-friendly community is one of the most innovative developments making it extremely popular with environmentally-conscious ex-pats. Built while considering the future of the generations, it will always be a demanding area in terms of rental. This makes it a great place to invest for people who opt not to live in the community. The thoughtful purpose of the community is to ensure a healthy future for residents and the environment while offering environmental and financial sustainability. Moving to The Sustainable City in Dubai is ideal for you if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle amongst lush greenery and urban facilities!

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