The MEP Engineer is responsible in overseeing and ensuring that the facilities and maintenance of managed buildings are carried out within standard and desirable outputs, and all health and safety parameters are in place as per Municipality and Civil Defense requirements, and managing the existing systems and developing better systems, better maintained properties, better tenant satisfaction and high returns on investment to landlords.

The MEP Engineer manages the F&M division in all managed portfolios professionally, guide team to ensure maximum stakeholder satisfaction and minimize landlords' monetary expenditure related to maintenance.

Reporting to the Head of Property Management, the MEP Engineer will play a critical role in helping the Company achieve its vision, values and strategic profit objectives.


The incumbent is responsible to maintain the highest quality of customer and client satisfaction while actively seeking out and developing new business. To be successful the incumbent must develop a collaborative work ethic between all departments and understand the facility management services in details. Other accountabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Liaises with Portfolio Managers (PM), Supervisors, service providers and highlighting Facility Management (FM) issues with high risks/ potential hazards and ensure prompt resolution through reporting about practices if unsafe or adversely impacting environment, our staff, our business and our clients, and escalate to the Head of Property Management for more serious problems.
  • Manage and review AMCs, quotations and compare cost against scope of work, and give recommendation.
  • Inspect the newly managed buildings and list snags, prepare handover inspection report in conjunction with PM and analyze property condition, give recommendation.
  • Ensure due diligence in implementing building maintenance and repair quickly and efficiently, referring to the PM only when repairs exceed a pre-determined figure.
  • Ensure that the day to day operational activities of Facilities and Maintenance Division is in order and align with the company's vision and strategic objectives in correlation with landlord's policy/PMGT agreement.
  • Building good long term relationships with landlords; preparing proposals and reports, and meeting with clients in conjunction with Portfolio Managers to secure the business. Maintain regular contact with established clients, vendors and service provider in order to gauge clients' satisfaction and improve our services.
  • Minimizing FM related expenses on behalf of the landlord by ensuring, in conjunction with Portfolio Managers, service providers and vendors that all maintenance works in properties are carried out within the standard with the least monetary expenditure and landlords' written approval (for works outside AMCs).
  • Consistently monitoring FM service providers' performance, appearance, attendance and conduct to ensure that it is to a professional standard and in line with Better Homes policies and procedures at all times.
  • Conducting KPIs for service providers, and carrying out routine and non-routine inspections/audits to ensure that professional standards are being maintained and recording the same.
  • Operating within the budgetary framework established for the building or portfolio to ensure compliance with those requirements.
  • Producing FM monthly reports to BH and landlord, and reports requirement as per PMGT agreement briefing on all F&M matters.
  • Ensure an accurate filing system is maintained (AMCs, quotations, invoices, relevant documentation, correspondence, etc.) for building/equipment maintenance, reports and records.
  • Ensuring that all maintenance issues are regularly monitored and followed up as necessary to ensure resolution and satisfaction of all concerned.
  • Conduct a half yearly formal performance review for the service providers of each building.
  • Conduct and record regular meetings with team members and service providers to ensure smooth operations of buildings.
  • Ensuring that service providers and coordinators act as the representative for both the landlord and Better Homes LLC in establishing and maintaining harmonious living conditions for all tenants of the property.
  • Ensure that the team operates within the legal parameters, rules and regulations of the relevant authorities and all health and safety parameters are in place for all our properties as per Municipality and Civil Defense and any other authorities' requirements.

Other Company related duties that may be assigned by the Head of Property Management that are consistent with the department and Company mandate.


Hard Skills
  • Have in depth understanding of relevant laws and regulations related to property/facilities management, health and safety Municipality and Civil Defense requirements, and continually update and develop that knowledge.
  • Experience in facility management for buildings
  • Adhere to company policies and procedures at all times in correlation with landlord's policy/PMGT agreement.
  • Have a complete understanding of the system and all FM services and terminologies.
Soft Skills
  • Outstanding leadership skills (motivating staff, nurturing and inspiring change for the better)
  • Outstanding management skills (monitoring business and ensuring performance and compliance)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Strong work ethic
  • Organization and attention to detail
  • Professionalism and accountability
  • High energy
  • Personable
  • Customer service focus
  • Excellent presentation and negotiation skills
  • Local area knowledge
Additional Requirements
  • MEP Engineer with facilities management experience of more than 5 years
  • The candidate should have the above experience in Dubai and Sharjah, and own a car

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