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13th September 2015

You have listed your property online, connected with the right agent, renovated your Dubai property for sale or Dubai property for rent and are now ready to put your house on the market.

Before you organise an open house to move your Dubai property for sale or Dubai property for rent, there is one thing you need to do to make sure you get your asking price: staging. Staging is what turns a house into a home, allows people to imagine themselves living there and in turn drives a sale or a rental. Here are some powerful ways to stage your Dubai property for sale or Dubai property for rent successfully.

Enhance curb appeal.

Most people thinking of attending your open house, be it a Dubai property for sale or Dubai property for rent, may decide to do a quick drive-by first before deciding to take a look inside. So, make sure your house is ready to lure in prospective buyers/renters, by cleaning the walkways, washing front windows, adding nice garden furniture, planting blooming flowers, mowing the lawn, repainting your door and hanging easy-to-read home numbers. Show people how they can use the outdoor space to unwind.


This is by far one of the most important and economical ways to give your Dubai property for sale or Dubai property for rent a facelift. Imagine you are a potential buyer or renter. Given two houses in the same location and with the same asking price, if House A is clean and neatly decorated and House B across the street is not, which house would you go for?

Get rid of clutter.

Less is more. Getting rid of items or furniture can transform a room. Throw in few key pieces of furniture and accessories to help people feel at home and picture themselves living in each room. For instance, add a couch, coffee table, few side chairs, a rug and some nice curtains. A cozy bed, a nightstand and dresser will do the trick for the bedroom. Stay away from accessories such as artificial flowers and fake food.

Consider repositioning furniture.

Use furniture and accent pieces in different ways. Try moving a painting or placing a chair in a different spot to give your space an instant refresh. Do not buy more; just use what you have.

Keep it simple.

Think about when you first walked into your house. What stood out and convinced you to move into a Dubai property for sale or Dubai property for rent? What were the elements you noticed?

Draw attention to the best features.

Paint an accent wall, place a large plant or arrange accessories in groups to highlight features such as beautiful views and glass to ceiling windows.

Stage “dead spaces” in your property.

Transform odd corners into positive features. For instance, turn a random nook into a cozy reading area with an armchair and an open book.

Create the illusion of more space.

Hang curtains several inches above existing window frames to make ceilings look higher. Make the kitchen and living room feel like one cohesive space by using a continuous colour scheme.

Know your market.

Think about your buyers’ or renters’ specific needs. If your Dubai property for sale or Dubai property for rent is located in a mid-range community where buyers/renters are mostly families, turning a study into a kid’s bedroom will work well. On the other hand, if you own a place in a high-end neighbourhood, turning that spare bedroom into a home office or a walk-in closet with a plush seating area might get your property the “wow” factor.

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