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14th November 2021

Researchers have put forth a very eye-opening fact on how much of our time in our life is spent indoors and to be more specific it’s about 87% of it is. Upon first reading, I was quite sceptical, as it may seem quite absurd. However, once you start to take in all the factors like where you work, eat and sleep, you indubitably realize the fairness of the fact.

With that being said, the significance of maintaining our home and safeguarding it from the consequences of not doing so should never be overlooked. It may seem like a challenge and a never-ending hassle, but a certain new helper is on the block and he’s got plenty of hands to help with, Introducing Octopus, our guide through the journey of keeping our house a home.

Octopus home maintenance

Established in 2013, Octopus is a regional company equipped with cutting-edge technology that is complemented by its bespoke services tailored to meet the needs of residents within the freehold communities of Dubai.

Formed from a drive to provide the best maintenance services, Octopus is devoted to delivering a great experience, not just after the job but during it too. Customer service is their priority as they strive to deliver with convenience every time an issue needs resolving with help of the tools and team they possess.

Octopus organization that candidly regards links and connections between customer and team as the most proactive way to cater to our needs. Zubin Firozi, Chief Executive Officer of Octopus said, “Since inception, we have been meticulous mapping the customers’ journey and understanding what the key differentiators to deliver superior customer service are. We want to be community-focused, have dedicated community engineers and technicians that know the properties in the communities they are assigned to. The goal is to deliver quick turnaround time, have the parts on hand to fix the issue on the first visit and deliver quality workmanship.”

Octopus home maintenance packages

Not having a home maintenance package is like subscribing to Netflix for only one day, and then repeating the same process the next day because you know you’re not going to want to miss out on the new episode of your favourite show. Similarly, home maintenance is not a one-time job, it’s a long-term strategy that is conducted regularly to ensure that your property is well-kept. So, skip the process of enquiring about problems every time and let our professionals keep your house in top condition.

Octopus offers packages for both Villas and Apartments, and these include AC preventative services, electrical checks, and plumbing checks. In addition to these, there are UNLIMITED callouts to both emergency and non-emergency situations, with the cherry on the top being a 25% discount on labour charges and any other services that they provide.

Octopus services

Octopus offers a wide array of home maintenance services tailored to the needs of homeowners and tenants in Dubai’s villa communities. Today, Octopus offers quick, 27/7 service in Arabian Ranches, Damac Hills, Mudon, Villa, Emirates Living, and other communities in the area.

Air conditioning service

The last thing you want is the AC breaking down in the middle of summer. From maintenance to troubleshooting, let their specialists identify potential problems early on in order to prevent bigger inconveniences and even bigger bills.

Plumbing service

Don’t let those small drips become a waterfall of problems. When it comes to plumbing it is vital to report the issue as early as possible. Their highly trusted professionals are always ready to get you out of all our plumbing ruts.

Electrical service

Whilst it is a vital part of our homes, it can also be a dangerous part if the right caution and due diligence are not paid. That is why it is very important to have a trained specialist diagnose and fix any electrical problem you may have.

Painting service

Whether you need some help with a recent DIY-project-turned-disaster (no, you’re not alone) or planning to add a splash of colours to the walls all throughout our home, Octopus’ professionals can help turn your vision into reality.

Duct cleaning service

Dirty vents and ducts act as a silent killer due to their effects being confused with other problems. Did you know over 40 pounds (18 KG) of dust and debris is annually accumulated in the ducts of a house! Don’t worry though, Octopus team is only one call away to make sure you do not have to live out those scary facts.

Handyman services

Octopus work on the principle of fixing the problem upon the first visit, therefore they hold expertise in general maintenance due to their vast variety of tools and technology in their arsenal and on-site knowledge. However, they can also cover all small handymen needs, especially required when you just move into a new home.

Why choose Octopus?

Fast and Flexible Service

99% of all of their air conditioning repair service calls are made the same day. They know that when you need repairs or maintenance, you need it now, and therefore, they don’t make you wait. They’ll schedule the service at a time that’s convenient for you, and arrive on time every time.

Transparent Pricing

Their packages are easy to understand but yet so effective in dealing with all sorts of home maintenance issues.

Preventative Maintenance Information

They care about the social welfare of the community, hence their marketing team makes sure that the right information is shared with people who view the website and follow them on social media platforms. Their aim is to create a well-informed community that is derived from any harmful incidents caused by inexperienced homeowners.

Respect Their Customers

Their technicians will always respect our home and property. They’ll wear shoe covers, use drop cloths, and clean up after they finish their work. They’ll also show up in a clean, professional uniform.

Trusted Technicians

They have the best, which means that all of their techs are background checked and well informed on the issues they will be appointed for.

The Tools to Succeed

Their technicians arrive in fully-stocked vans that have been honed to accommodate cutting edge technology. That means no wasting time heading to the hardware store or the repair shop to pick things up.

100% Customer Satisfaction

They want us to be happy with their repair or installation, and that’s why they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy, they’ll keep working until we are. Our feedback is immediately attended to provide the most satisfactory experience that home maintenance can offer.

Constant improvement & continuous learning

Their strong belief in constant improvement and continuous learning has enhanced their services through incremental and breakthrough improvements. Over the years Octopus have successfully formed a team of experienced individuals who have adapted to cater for the needs that may arise? The four-step quality assurance method which includes Planning, Doing, Checking & Acting has helped them in recognizing their team strength and has allowed them to carry out concise and efficient processes to maintain our homes.

Customer service in mind

The core values of Octopus have been built on the foundation of the idea that the customer is always at the centre of the process. Octopus believe that a comfortable experience builds trust and a relationship with the customer, which is extremely valuable in the field of home maintenance as it provides a sense of security with each issue corrected. Furthermore, their unique services are tailored concretely to present a stress-free and relaxing experience.

If you need any home maintenance assistance or need a long term package for your villa, call Octopus at 800 3993, or connect with the team on their Instagram or Facebook channels.

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