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5th December 2016

The benefit of investing in UAE real estate is a no-brainer for most people. However, the specifics of why and how being a property investor can help you realize superior returns are numerous. Take a look at the top benefits below.

Cash flow through rental income.

UAE real estate that is carefully chosen and managed will serve as a steady income stream in the form of rental payments. Although there may be slumps in UAE real estate values due to local and global market conditions, those who own investment property usually lease it for many years, without experiencing stark decreases in rent amounts.

Increase in UAE real estate value over time.

Aside from renting it out, you can earn profit from your investment property should you choose to liquidate it. In addition to the market value of the property, other factors that can significantly increase its sales price include upgrades to the appearance and functionality of the unit, other improvements such as installing energy efficient appliances and windows, adding a bathroom or remodeling a room.

More investment opportunity.

Increased value of your UAE investment property will translate into sale and reinvestment in higher value real estate, or serve as credit that you can use for other investments such as stocks.

Inflation-proof investment.

While rents may increase with inflation, mortgage payments on your investment property remain stable over the course of the mortgage payment tenure.

Rise in equity.

The equity in your UAE investment property will increase as you pay down your mortgage.

Finding best-value deals.

Finding a value-priced property is a great way to increase your net worth. To find the best deals on UAE real estate, get in touch with Better Homes’ agents and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Being a UAE real estate owner is a huge commitment, but, if handled properly, it is one that will deliver huge financial rewards.

At Betterhomes, we offer the UAE’s widest selection of UAE real estate, from apartments and villas to buildings and retail and commercial spaces. Backed by a team of professionals, area experts and dedicated customer service and property management teams, we are the first choice for residential and commercial UAE real estate investors alike.

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