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Abu Dhabi Rental Property
15th June 2021

Looking to start life in Abu Dhabi, UAE’s modern and high-rise capital? With its stunning nature, pristine beaches, world-class shopping, and renowned golf courses, it’s undoubtedly a welcoming place. To make your move easier, we’ve prepared all information about charges you would need to pay when renting a home as a tenant, from government fees to utilities.

Tawtheeq is usually the first thing our clients ask about. It is an established system launched by the Abu Dhabi government in order to protect rights of both landlords and tenants. It keeps track of all rental transactions and makes it more difficult for landlords to illegally rent out unlicensed or subdivided property to unsuspecting tenants.

When will you require the Tawtheeq? Anyone who intends to rent a property in Abu Dhabi must use the Tawtheeq online portal to verify the lease contract, therefore the said contract will be used to obtain services provided by government entities, such as water and electricity, Mawaqif residential pass, and so on.

When registering leasable properties in Tawtheeq for the first time, the landlord/owner will pay for the leasable unit registration fee. As a result, the tenant’s tenancy contract will be validated by this procedure.

All related rental contracts must be registered by the Tawtheeq system, and there are contract processing fees, always check here for the most updated rate and charges.

Who, where, and how do you gain access to the Tawtheeq system? The best part is that it is easily accessible by anyone and at any time via UAE Pass and Smarthub, an online internet platform developed by the Abu Dhabi Municipality.

Keep in mind that if you need more information, you can always ask your Betterhomes agents for additional support during registration.

1. Municipality fees

Following the completion of the tenancy contract with Tawtheeq registration, the tenant must pay Municipality fees.

The total value of annual municipality fees can be paid as a monthly instalment with your ADDC bill. For more information, please check the Municipality fees here.

2. Abu Dhabi Distribution Company application fees

After the Tawtheeq registration of the tenancy contract, the tenants are automatically registered to the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company. In case the registration was not completed it can be finalised over the phone. The tenant will need to pay the deposit with the first bill.

3. Telephone and internet service application fee

A home is not complete without the internet and a phone. To apply for the installation of these services, tenants can use either Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) or Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (Du). Both service providers have multiple branches throughout the Emirate and in shopping malls. The pricing will depend on the package you choose.

4. Commission fees

Looking for a home that meets your needs and desires can be difficult; therefore, a local broker can be of great assistance in the process. At Betterhomes, we consolidate all the properties and propose the best based on your needs. Our agents will arrange the viewings, negotiate with the landlords/owners about the rental price and payment terms, process all the paperwork, and advise in the process. Standard broker commission fees are applied in Abu Dhabi, to check our broker commission fees, it is best to contact our agent.

5. Rental Payment

The rent amount for your home in Abu Dhabi varies depending on the location and area of the property. Property owners in some communities will require a single payment, while others allow monthly payments until the rental contract expires.  Always request the most recent payment plan for each property, as it may change from time to time.

6. Security deposit fees

A security deposit must be paid on top of the rental contract value to the landlord/owner to cover any property damages incurred while you live in a property. It is best to check with your property advisor for the most recent security fees and whether they are refundable.

7. Other fees

Other fees to consider include chiller fees, cooking gas fees, Mawaqif fees if the building doesn’t have an underground/designated parking area, and others that vary by property and are only disclosed by the landlord/owners. Some buildings will require a deposit payment for chiller fees, but it is not that common in Abu Dhabi. 

If you are ready to move, we will be happy to help, so feel free to check available homes for rent with Betterhomes.

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