Abu Dhabi is a beautiful island found on the Arabian Gulf and is also the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. With a population of about 475,000 people according to the 2003 census, it is one of the fastest developing cities in the world in terms of industrialization and commerce. It has many companies serving various industries coming up, at a pace which has never been seen before in the country of UAE.


Living in Abu DhabiThis means the demand for skilled human resource either in the managerial, technical, supervisory or consultant position is very high. This is especially so, since they have the capital to fund establishment of multi-million companies coming from oil revenues the country gets, but may lack the skilled human resource required in the execution of the companies’ function.

The following list shows you some the best spots for expats to live in Abu Dhabi. Once you secure yourself the appropriate ESTA documents allowing you entry into UAE, you can now peacefully live in any one of the following places

Al Bateen – This area is ideal for raising your family since its quiet and the majority of the residents are the local people of UAE. It has many townhouses and villas thus you can find a housing structure which will be conducive for your family easily. It has many amenities such as the Al Bateen Mall selling affordable clothing and electronics, the Al Bateen Marina which is a recreation place having sports club, nightclub and a restaurant. Although it not the conventional expats area but an increasing number of foreigners wishing to have a feel on the local lives are moving into the neighborhood.

Khalidiaya – It one of the places most frequented by expats as it provides affordable accommodation made up of high-rise blocks of apartments and other attractive compounds like the Khalidiya Village. It has all the typical amenities of your conventional neighborhood including school with bus transport for kids. Perhaps the most outstanding amenity is the Abela Supermarket.

Mangrove Village – This area is best suited for raising a family and has a lifestyle which many Western expats can identify with. However if you are the type to prefer living in a villa, you might run into some difficulty finding that type of accommodation in this area but if you don’t mind the alternative then you will be more than okay. It has plenty of amenities ranging from a gym, swimming pools, and play grounds and to top it all up. It has Spinneys, which makes it rare for residents to require to go outside the city.

Al Markaziya – Some describe this place as the “heart” of Abu Dhabi, given the fact that it’s a high rise city having 17 story blocks of apartments emerging on top of numerous shops and stores. And just around the vicinity is a buzz of activities of shopkeepers selling a wide array of stuff ranging from carpets, holy water virtually anything you may want to buy. What makes it so convenient is its central location in the city which means virtually everything is easily reachable.

Mohammed Bin Zayed City – This is another upcoming top expats spot, this is because not so many people have discovered it yet the convenience of living there. Those already there are grateful for their luck on discovering it sooner before the vast majority does. The housing prices are exceptionally still low and it has some of the best villas. It has several schools, a big station for buses and the Al Safeer Centre is one of its best amenities though it still receives low human traffic.

By Annie Bonneville

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