Company Culture Testimonial: Chanell Quire

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  • 15 Jul, 2022
Company Culture Testimonial: Chanell Quire

Mulling over the decision to make the bold move by starting your own real estate career in Dubai? This one is for you. 

This is probably true for all things new: The jump is always intimidating. Perhaps more so if you are moving from your home country. Pursuing a career in uncharted territory can be really nerve-wracking. But just because that is normal does not mean there is not much you can do about it.

In our experience recruiting new real estate agents in Dubai, we found that it helps to know from other brokers who previously made the move. From learning why they they thought of transitioning from the get-go and what made them ultimately decide to stay in Dubai are really valuable as it provides insights to things you otherwise might not know until later.

In this blog, we look into a real-life and first-hand account from one of Betterhomes very own residential consultants, Chanell Quire. In this video, we sat down with Chanell to ask her some of the questions you probably have in mind such as, ‘Why did you move to Dubai?’ and ‘Why did you choose Betterhomes?’ Watch!


I moved to Dubai because I wanted to have a newer opportunity. I was working in real estate in London and I was doing quite well out there. And I just wanted to go somewhere where I could reap the benefits a little bit more. Somewhere that has higher return and higher sort of benefits in the future in terms of growing my career here.

I was actually referred by a Betterhomes’ manager. She introduced me to the company and I started interviewing with them. And I realised that they fit a lot of the values I was looking for within a company. Betterhomes has a great reputation and a great brand within the market. So I’m able to set myself realistic goals, knowing that I will have the support from the company to achieve them.

I came back from the Christmas holidays and was able to create two sales in two weeks. And I feel like having a company behind me enabled me to make that happen.

Values, great reputation, and support. These are some of the factors that Chanell found in working as a Dubai real estate agent at Betterhomes.

Whether you’re thinking of taking the leap and pursuing your own career in Dubai real estate or if you’re still weighing your decision and got questions left unanswered, we’d love to hear from you! Head to our careers page here or drop us a line at

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