Train with Betterhomes

  • Becoming an Agent
  • 09 Apr, 2019
Train with Betterhomes

Our 4 weeks intensive training program is designed to support, train and develop new joiners to become experts in Dubai’s real estate market.

If you are passionate about sales and real estate Join Us by submitting your application here and enroll in our training program.

Hi! My name is Tinicia. I’m the training manager here at Betterhomes. Coming to Dubai myself as a real estate agent with no support or training it was really difficult. I find this training program really beneficial to the guys. To have support, train, obviously develop them as much as possible, and to help kickstart their career. The initial training is a full programme that we have for the agents that are new to the business.

 Week one is an intensive training programme where we develop all the skills that are necessary to become an agent here at Betterhomes. Week two the agents are in a branch with a buddy who is an experienced agent here at Betterhomes. Week three is a review with our managing director to just to go over how the last couple of weeks had gone and a discussion on how do you feel about the business. Week four is RERA. RERA is needed for all of the agents to become fully certified agents here in Dubai.

 The training is really informative, practical and fun. I feel like it’s really important to have these three elements in a training session. My trainer Tinicia along with other managers were all hands on during the training which made the whole experience more engagingOmar.

The training experience is really good and it does prepare you for stepping on the sales floor. Its give you the theory and you just need it to put into practice. And our training instructor, she was great and really friendly. It made the experience more enjoyable, rather than just a classroom environmentEmily.

The recruitment process is very smooth. Coming from India I haven’t seen anything like this, because it’s all sorted in a structured way like from the first step, the second step… it’s very smooth. I really appreciate this professionalismKartikay.

The good thing I like about Betterhomes, being here you can tell the professionalism, you can tell it is well structured which is something that sets them apart from every other real estate outside and that’s one thing I like about BetterhomesSamson.


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