5 ways to improve your wellbeing at home using IKEA products and hacks

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  • 24 May, 2021
5 ways to improve your wellbeing at home using IKEA products and hacks

From stress-busting organisation, to mood-boosting buys, these expert tips will improve your state-of-mind

The pursuit of ‘at-home wellness’ is not always a simple one. With hectic routines, a fast pace of living, and not to mention the global pandemic, prioritising our ‘at home wellbeing’ often falls last on our list. But it’s true that wellness really does begin within the four walls that we call home. That’s why we’ve joined forces with IKEA and B Living UAE to bring you five simple tips for cultivating a deeper sense of peace at home.

  • For better sleep, decrease the light in your bedroom
IKEA products and hacks

Ok, we know that getting the recommend 7-9 hours of sleep can be a challenge but altering the lighting in our bedrooms can help us on the way to getting those all-important restful Zzz’s. “The more calming the room environment is, the more likely you will be relaxed and able to get a good night’s rest,” says clinical psychologist at The Lighthouse Arabia, Dr. Salilha Afridi, PsyD. 

Humans have an in-built time system, known as the circadian clock, which is responsible for regulating our natural rhythms of sleep and hunger. With working from home becoming the new normal, research has that found that altering your home’s lighting can have a positive effect on those all-important restful hours. This year, it’s cool to take your sleep cycle into your own hands. One sure way to do this is to dim your lights of an evening, light some candles, or invest in a lamp with a dimming switch.

  • Organise your kitchen – KonMari style

It’s true what they say, a tidy life does equal a tidy mind. And having a perfectly organised kitchen has never been more popular. After Marie Kondo swept onto the organisation scene in 2014 with her magical method of tidying up, and The Home Edit introduced us to #pantrygoals on Netflix last year, aspirational kitchen organisation is in. But how do you achieve a dreamy look while still being practical?

One resident who knows a thing or two about getting that Instagram-worthy look is professional organiser and influencer Salam Shaban, from Tidymess. As a KonMari method certified expert (read about her journey with the KonMari method here), she whips kitchens of the UAE into shape, using affordable products from IKEA in the process. In this video, Salam talks us through her top five, simple yet effective tips and which products you need to achieve them:

  • Reduce stress by adding nature
IKEA products and hacks

You’re probably aware of the positive impact that the natural environment can have on our lives. From taking a walk in the fresh air, to tending to our gardens, plants have a calming effect. That’s why it’s no surprise that a study published by Ecological Applications suggested that adding nature around the home may help to mitigate some of the negative mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The good news is, adding some greenery to your home doesn’t have to break the bank, as IKEA’s plant nursery boasts a solid selection. Style-wise, we recommend mixing up shape and size to fit into different corners of your abode. The DYPSIS LUTESCENS potted areca palm plant, for example, is ideal for brightening up an otherwise-neglected corner of your living room, while the FICUS bonsai option will make a statement on a windowsill or a side table.

But if you’re forgetful with the watering can, do not fret, as for those without a green thumb IKEA has lots of artificial plants to choose from. We love the FEJKA potted plant – as similar benefits can still be derived by the low-maintenance alternative.

  • Create an organisation system for your children that actually works
IKEA products and hacks

More often than not, our kids’ rooms are left firmly behind closed doors. That’s because no matter how many hours we spend organising, it seems the second we turn our back, the mess creeps back – and it’s often twice as bad. Luckily, here to solve your kids’ bedroom woes are professional organisers Celia and Joti, from The Savvy Space who each know a thing or two about creating systems that not only work, but stick.

Plan your shelving layout with little hands in mind by placing games and crafts that tend to create mess high up so they can’t be accessed without an adult. Books and soft toys can be left down low for child friendly access. The TROFAST storage unit (available in two sizes) works well, as you’re able to keep toys in an easily accessible place.

The biggest thing to help across the board, is to teach kids that cleaning up is not a separate step or activity, but that it’s the final step of play. You can encourage this by choosing simple storage, like the STUVA / FRITIDS toy storage which is on wheels and easy for little hands to use. Get more of Celia and Joti’s tips here.

  • Tidy your desk for productive working from home
IKEA products and hacks

Whether you call it being productive or procrastinating, we can’t sit down to work until everything around us is neat. So, when it comes to getting things done in the home office, tasks can take much longer than anticipated, making us stress over deadlines and work into the evening.

But if things are organised before you get started, that’s one less thing to worry about when the working day begins. TJENA magazine file, ALEX drawer unitMOPPE mini chest of drawers, and LILLÅSEN desk can help by storing away files, organizing stationary, and utilizing small spaces. Just identity the root of the clutter and pick a design that suits your workspace.

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