Checklist for an open house.

  • Better Informed
  • 11 Oct, 2016
Checklist for an open house.

Open Houses are exciting, but require prep work and attention to detail. We’ve rounded up “must know” items – the essential check list for all your home tours; to help you make a wise buying or renting decision.

Start online.

Log on to to find Open House properties in the neighbourhoods that you are interested in. You can also quickly swing by our mobile site and check out the Open Houses whilst on the move.

It’s more than just the property.

Use every Open House you attend as an opportunity to learn more about not just the house but also the area, local amenities, etc.

Ask before taking photos or videos.

The home may still be someone’s private residence, so ask permission before clicking a photo or taking a video.

Make notes.

Take pictures and notes as you visit Dubai properties, especially if you see many homes in one day; to keep a track. Save and share them with your agent.

Focus on what’s important.

Hold on to that dream home checklist, but make sure you look past unimportant details so that you don’t miss out on that diamond in the rough. For instance, not all old houses are bad and nor are all newly built houses nicer. You can always fix a dated home with some TLC; plus older houses have charm, timeless style and character that you may not find in a brand new build, and even better, they may leave you more room to negotiate on the price. Next, are bizarre paint colours: A purple living room or a bright pink kitchen can be off-putting but look past bad colour choices as you can easily throw some fresh paint on the walls. Don’t like the colour of the couch? The décor leaves with the owner, so relax. Focus on the layout and how the windows, doors and rooms are placed instead.

Tour the outside.

Keep an eye out for maintenance issues such as cracks in the siding, missing shingles or lose gutters and assess if they look like they might need work in the next 2-5 years.

Explore the neighbourhood.

Does the community fit your lifestyle? While driving through, keep an eye out. Does the nabe provide all the amenities you need? Are there good schools? How about parks?

So, think of an Open House as more like a casual walk-through of Dubai properties. Visit Open Houses to not only get a feel for a house but also to speak directly to the agent and get detailed information on what could possibly make it your future home.

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