Is Our Tech Savvy Culture Changing Dubai Real Estate?

  • Better Informed
  • 20 Aug, 2015
Is Our Tech Savvy Culture Changing Dubai Real Estate?

If you’re in Dubai real estate, chances are you’ve heard of the assumption that technological innovation has lagged behind other industries. However, technology is gradually beginning to make its way into the Dubai real estate industry. Real estate Dubai is changing to meet the expectations of consumers who are uber connected and expect to hear back within minutes.

Better Homes rounds up the top three innovations that are changing the way Dubai real estate professionals do business.

1.    Printing the future with 3D.

Like to build your house in a day?

A construction company in China is leading the way, 3D printing an entire five-storey apartment building, and an 1,100 sq. m. villa next door.

The United Arab Emirates National Innovation Committee recently unveiled plans to build the world’s first 3D printed office building. Everything including the building’s structure, interiors and furniture will be 3D printed in sections in thin layers by a 20-foot-tall industrial printer and then assembled on site!

So, will 3D printed homes be the next big game changer for Dubai real estate? Better Homes has the pulse on the latest in real estate Dubai, so keep watching this space.

2.   Taking off with drones.

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are being used to provide 360 degree tours of not just the property, but also the neighbourhood. Drones hover in the air for several minutes, capturing residences, walking paths and community amenities. Offering a unique birds-eye view of real estate Dubai, drones are changing the way Dubai homes are bought and sold, bolstering marketing and home sales for agents.

3.   Virtual reality tours.

How would you like to tour real estate Dubai that doesn’t yet exist? This technological breakthrough enables real estate Dubai seekers to view/review/assess multiple properties from anywhere at any point of time. It’s not hard to see why several brokers and developers are hot on virtual reality tours. Think about CEOs and top decision makers who can’t get on a flight to view a property. The level of detail and imagery captured are so high that such tours give people the ability to purchase Dubai real estate from afar.

As real estate technology continues to evolve, more Dubai real estate professionals are expected to incorporate tools as a seamless addition to their workflow. Of course, when it comes to driving Dubai real estate through technology, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. However, the fact that we’ve started is great as it paves the way for Dubai real estate companies to create and add real and measurable value for their business and clients, going forward.

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