Less is more - why using one agent is better than three!

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  • 21 Oct, 2022
  • 4 min read
Less is more - why using one agent is better than three!

Dubai Land Department recently announced that properties must only be listed for sale or rent with a maximum of three agents. Here we discuss why Betterhomes welcomes the changes and why you should go a step further, listing your property with only one agent.

If you’ve searched for a property in the UAE, then chances are you will have come across fake or expired listings. Not only are these a waste of time, but they also reduce trust and confidence in the market. 

Now, agents will have to complete a unified form A document via the REST app each time they want to list a property. This must then be approved by the client before the property can go online. The result will be a significant reduction in the total number of listings online. Those that remain should be genuine, active listings. 

Why you should go exclusive with one agent

You might be thinking that listing with three agents will give your property more exposure. That you will achieve a higher price in a shorter period of time. But, this might not be the case. Let's discuss four reasons why you will achieve the best results by going exclusive with Betterhomes. 

1 - One consistent strategy

Working with more than one agent can lead to clients hearing false information and mixed messages. Things like clients hearing different prices from agents is commonplace. This can undermine negotiations and be detrimental to you achieving the best price. By working exclusively with a single agent you remove this risk. Our agents can focus on delivering a consistent strategy that yields you the best result. 

2 - Reduced stress

Working with more than one agent can be time-consuming. Extra paperwork and juggling calls and viewings with different agents can be frustrating. By working exclusively with Betterhomes you have a single point of contact. They can feedback exactly how the market is performing, take care of all the admin and viewings, and negotiate you the best deal. 

3 - Maximum exposure through premium marketing

By working exclusively with Betterhomes, your property will gain the most exposure through our premium marketing channels. This includes top spots on leading portals, SEO and PPC campaigns and targeted emails to our database.

Not only will your property get the most exposure, but it will be perfectly presented. We use industry-leading technology to provide professional photography, videography, and 360° tours. Our in-house marketing team will work tirelessly to give your property the attention it deserves. 

4 - Community experts

All our agents work within a specific community. This ensures that they are experts in the areas that they represent. By becoming community experts, our agents can give you the best advice about current market conditions. It also allows them to provide a first-rate service to prospective buyers. 

By focusing on a single community, our agents can build a network of qualified clients who are searching in your area. This could allow them to very quickly find you a suitable buyer or tenant.

The best results

We’ve sold more properties in the UAE than anyone else, for good reason. We have over three decades of experience, an amazing team of community experts and first-rate marketing. So the question is: why list with anyone else?

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