Nurseries and schools near Arabian Ranches

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  • 13 Jan, 2020
Nurseries and schools near Arabian Ranches

An exclusive address and a premium location in the emirate, Arabian Ranches is one of the most exceptional gated communities developed by Emaar. Arabian Ranches prides itself on being one of Dubai’s most popular family-friendly residential communities for over a decade.

The tranquil and exotic settings of this desert-themed residential development are also just a short distance away from the iconic Burj Khalifa and other key areas of the city. Arabian Ranches offers easy access to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road so that residents do not have to battle the traffic and can reach most areas of Dubai very quickly.

The community features a range of excellent amenities to ensure the comfort of its residents, including two shopping malls, community centers, retail centers and more. Fun family-friendly entertainment options at Arabian Ranches include community barbecues, market days, the Fitness Fair and family fun days.

The family-centric luxury housing community is also a paradise for golf lovers. The community is found along the fairways of the Arabian Ranches Golf Club and is just a step away from Dubai Polo Club and Equestrian Club. The entire community comprises 4,000 villas with more on the way.

But that is not where the perks of living in the Arabian Ranches end. Because of its family-friendly theme, Arabian Ranches is also located close to several of Dubai’s outstanding schools and nurseries – a few of which are found within the limits of the community. Let’s explore them!


Raffles Nursery – Arabian Ranches

Found in the Al Saheel Community of Arabian Ranches, Raffles Nursery welcomes children between the ages of 2 and 4.

The nursery prides itself on offering individualised and tailored programs to suit every child’s educational needs, interests, and skills. The staff members are qualified and experienced academic professionals.

The Raffles Nursery is accredited and certified by the Pre-School Learning Alliance in the UK.

According to their online profile, Raffles Nursery strives to incorporate emotional, physical and social intellectual development into its programs. The nursery guarantees high-quality childcare and early education with frequent participation from parents.

The nursery offers both Early Years and Montessori programs. These options allow parents to choose the curriculum that best fits their child. Both curriculums attempt to produce active, independent and knowledgeable learners.  The learning programs at Raffles Nursery are customised for each child, to ensure that they learn new things at their own pace.

The nursery ensures every child’s safety with closed-circuit cameras and security personnel on the premises at all times.

The well-planned classroom aims to create a child-centered, encouraging learning environment where all the necessary educational equipment is easily accessible for the students.

Contact Raffles Nursery on  +971 4 427 1233 or visit their website: to find out more!

Ladybird Nursery

nurseries Arabian Ranches

This British managed nursery is yet another popular nursery located within Arabian Ranches. The nursery is acclaimed for providing high-quality early ages development and physical, mental and emotional care for children aged from 6 months to 5 years.

The history of the nursery goes back as far as 1996. It implements a British standard education for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum for the Montessori.

The team at the Ladybird Nursery has developed an unparalleled reputation for over two decades. With experienced teachers and professionally qualified carers, the nursery has been able to help children extend their educational journey into the world’s top primary schools.

At Ladybird, the extent of your child’s education will not end with the qualified professionals, the acclaimed curriculum and the safe premises. The children are also frequently given opportunities to enjoy a range of diverse activities that help to keep them interested and excited. Activities like dancing, music, gardening, a mini chef program, expressive arts, and technology are often included in the students’ weekly schedules. The nursery also creates a nurturing environment for a diverse range of cultures and languages.

Want to know more? Call Ladybird Nursery on +971 4 553 9900 or visit their website  

Jebel Ali Village Nursery – The Polo Club Branch

Featuring one of Dubai’s oldest British curriculums, better known as EYFS, Jebel Ali Village Nursery enrolls children aged from 6 weeks to 4 years. The nursery takes pride in creating a caring and attentive environment for all students.

With close proximity to Arabian Ranches, the Polo Club branch of Jebel Ali Village Nursery at JVC is popular for being close with nature. The surrounding grounds of the nursery are often visited by horses and birds – a beautiful place for the little ones to explore nature. The nursery’s daily schedule seems to be perfect for students who are interested in fun outdoor expeditions.

The staff at the Jebel Ali Village Nursery are known for their professional and hands-on experience. With a comfortable and friendly setting to gain an enriching educational experience, this nursery is quite popular among working mothers.

Call Jebel Ali Village Nursery on +971 4 368 9332 or visit their website: to arrange a school visit.

Blossom Nursery

Located in Arabian Ranches II inside The Leisure Centre is Blossom Nursery, a leading British Curriculum Nursery by Babilou. It is an award-winning nursery that accepts children from 4 months to 6 years of age. The nursery is part of a group of 10 in Dubai and the Arabian Ranches nursery opened in 2019. It is also a part of the Babilou group which is the largest childcare and early education group in Europe with 600 nurseries in 15 countries.

Blossom Nursery’s teaching approach combines the internationally recognised British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, Skygarden which is Blossom Nursery’s own sensory-based framework, and they also follow their own ‘Triple P’ principles which value people, planet and prosperity. The nursery strives to pioneer in environmental awareness, resource preservation, energy efficiency, waste management, ecosystem conservation and sustainable development.

The nursery provides a safe and exciting environment, with its classrooms surrounding a shaded play area. The teaching staff aim to nurture and develop the curiosity, exploration, imagination, experimentation and creativity of the children and create an environment of gratefulness and happiness.

Blossom is a community focused nursery that wants to help children feel involved with their communities and the environments around them, and it works in partnership with parents to support learning and development.

To learn more about Blossom Nursery, call 800NURSERY or visit


Jumeirah English Speaking School

schools Arabian Ranches

Pioneers of Dubai’s dynamic and modern educational institutes, Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) is one of the most famous schools in the Arabian Ranches. JESS is a hard school to get into, thanks to its long waiting lists, even though it is the bittersweet proof of the school’s outstanding reputation in the community. The school’s impressive rating from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) also helps upholds the school’s reputation.

JESS was first established in 1975 in a building by the Deira Clock Tower with just 17 students.

Education here costs an average of AED 62,000 per year. The school is operated under a “debenture” system where it welcomes both corporate and personal sponsorships. While the personal sponsorships cost around AED 20,000, they are also refundable when the child leaves the school. However, corporate sponsorships are used to help the school run long term.

The curriculum of the school remains British until Key Stage 4, when the National Curriculum of England and Wales take its place and following that, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) is implemented in years 12 and 13.

Much like the diverse population of Dubai, the school features students of around 70 different nationalities from all around the world.

Contact Jumeirah English Speaking School on +971 4 361 9019 or visit their website

Ranches Primary School

Schools Arabian Ranches

The Ranches Primary School (RPS) creates a nurturing educational environment for children. Catering for the aspiring students in Arabian Ranches, RPS takes pride in recognising students’ individual needs and offers tailored programs to help them discover their interests and skills. The comparatively small classroom helps to ensure that each child receives undivided attention from the professional staff at RPS. The school implements a British curriculum.

RPS aims to “provide a world-class education that nurtures every child for success as global lifelong learners”.

RPS also offers a wide range of modern amenities for the students to enjoy a stimulating educational experience. The school’s amenities range from a wide campus Wi-Fi coverage, a spacious library, a resource center, and fully-fledged science labs. But RPS is not just about knowledge, the school is also equipped with a temperature-controlled swimming pool, a spacious outdoor play area and specially-designed rooms for studying music, art, and languages to encourage extra-curricular activities.

The staff at RPS are well-qualified, experienced professionals who are central in helping to steer the school toward its vision. Teachers ensure they sensibly respond to each student’s educational needs in well-structured learning settings. The academic staff guarantee a range of interactive learning tasks to inspire the children.

RPS welcomes the enthusiastic participation of the parents too and the teachers ensure that there is always a clear line of communication between students’ homes and the classroom.

Would you like to know more information? Call RPS on +971 4 442 9765 or visit their website:

Nord Anglia International School

There is another reputable school located next to Arabian Ranches in Barsha 3. Nord Anglia International School operates under a British curriculum until year 11 and offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Acclaimed for its reputation with KHDA, this popular and progressive school has a particular focus on improving the musical talents of their students as it is associated with Julliard.

Costing an average of AED 60,000 in yearly school charges, the school accepts children from 3 to 18 years of age. While the primary language of instruction is English, the students are also taught several other languages including Arabic, French, German, Spanish, and Mandarin.

The diversity of the Emirate is well-reflected in the population of this school, which represents more than 76 nationalities. The maximum number of students in the school is 1,860 as the school values exclusivity and the chance to pay individual attention to each student with tailored programs to hone their skills. The student to teacher ratio is 1:10, with 20 students being the average class size.

The school also provides sports and international school trips, as well as modern amenities including an expansive auditorium and a fully-fledged graphics and design lab.

Call Nord Anglia International School on +971 4 2199 913 or visit their website for more information!

GEMS World Academy

GEMS World Academy in Barsha commits all of its exclusive programs to the International Baccalaureate. The school is popular amongst ex-pats and nationals alike for its world-class amenities which include an Olympic sized 50m covered pool, planetarium, skate park, junior gymnasium, fully-equipped recording studio, and even a peace garden.

The school fees start at AED 64,414 per year. The range of curriculums in the school include GWA Nursery for early learners, a primary years program, a middle years program and the IB diploma program.

GWA opened its doors in 2008. Since the beginning, the institute has prided itself on representing the multi-cultural community in Dubai with more than 85 nationalities. With over 2,000 students, GWA strives to create a modern learning environment that encourages its students to embrace new opportunities and experiences.

The staff members of GWA consist of a diverse team of educators from all corners of the world including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.

GWA features a wide range of stimulating extracurricular activities including drama, athletics, arts programs, and various clubs.

Call GWA today on +971 4 373 6373 or visit their website to set up a school tour!

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