Should you buy or rent a home?

  • Better Informed
  • 31 Jan, 2019
Should you buy or rent a home?

Here’s a market report prepared by our Managing Director, Richard Waind that you can use as your reference in deciding whether to purchase or continue renting.

Transcribe: Minute Market

Hi welcome to Betterhomes.I’m Rick waind the Managing director. Today we are releasing our 2018 market infographics

The three main trend for 2018

1) The shift from the off plan market into the secondary market With the shift of 77% off plan sale for 2017 to 54% in 2018

2) Increase in mortgage sale in 2018 with a 33% increase in mortgage buyers here in betterhomes and those two trends indicates an increase and user market activity over the last year

3) The trend in leasing was an increase in leasing transaction by 19% not necessary on new tenants entering the market

But current residents moving around looking for better value than they’ve current property. So if you’re a landlord there are lots of tenants our there If you offer value for money.

So please download the full infographic and we’ll see you again soon thank you.


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