6 must-know tips for tenants looking for a new rental

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  • 10 Nov, 2022
6 must-know tips for tenants looking for a new rental

Finding a good place when you rent property in Dubai is just the first step. When choosing your next home as a tenant, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you find a great rental that you'll enjoy.


To make sure you seal the right property, here are our top tips for anyone looking to rent property in Dubai.


1. Do your research

Get to know the neighborhood. If you're renting a property in Dubai, don't think too short-term. What's the drive or commute like? How family-friendly is it? See what the local schools are like if you have kids. Check out the area and make sure it's right for you. 


2. Examine thoroughly

Does the property have all the necessary amenities? Are the windows in good condition? Test the water pressure by flushing the toilet and turning on the tap and shower. Be sure to check everything and bring a checklist with you.

3. Know your rights

Get the lowdown on tenants' rights when renting in Dubai. If you spot any problems in the first few days of moving in, let your agent or landlord know so they can fix them right away so you don't get charged for damages.


4. Get it in writing

Make sure the lease agreement includes everything you talked about with the agent or landlord. All points and clauses should be clearly outlined. Your lease agreement is crucial since anything not in writing is not legally binding.

5. Speak up

Unless you tell your agent or landlord that the dishwasher isn't working, they wouldn't know. Depending on your lease agreement, one of the perks of being a tenant is getting things fixed for free. Don't be shy about asking for help.


6. Establish trust

Being a good tenant isn't just about paying the rent on time. Take care of the unit you’re renting. If you damage anything, own up to it. If you build a good relationship with your landlord, he or she will be more likely to help you if you have a problem. 


Happy hunting!

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