What is coming up in Dubai this November?

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  • 04 Nov, 2020
What is coming up in Dubai this November?

Dubai Fitness Challenge 

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it is an excellent time to go outside and get some exercise in. Stay fit and healthy with Dubai Fitness Challenge, which will run throughout the month of November. Dubai will be packed with fun, workout activities that are suitable for all fitness levels. Head down to kite beach, where you can enjoy the sun, sand, and a whole range of free, exciting workout activities. If you really feel like a challenge, then test your endurance with the Al Marmoom Desert Run, which will see participants sprint across the desert through the Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve.

Flamenco Passion

Head down to Dubai Opera House to see an exciting and modern flamenco performance by Flamenco Passion’. This acclaimed modern flamenco ensemble is known for their dazzling and fiery displays of musicianship, giving a unique and powerful twist to this breathtaking art-form.  

Enfusing a mix of different elements of other genres into their performances of traditional flamenco, the show displays elements of piano, violin, flute and even electric bass.

Ronnie Scotts Giants of Jazz

This concert, presented by Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, takes the audience on a journey through the last 100 years of Jazz. The show tells a story of Jazz, with the music being tastefully intersped with images, videos, and anecdotes, giving a unique but thoroughly entertaining evening. This show is truly a celebration of the amazing music of Jazz that is sure to be a delight for anyone going to see it. 

Breakout DXB 

This exciting new event was set up with a ‘lockdown mindset’ and built by the community, for the community. With the pandemic and lockdown causing many local artists to lose business, Breakout DXB aims to help these artists and to kickstart the UAE’s entertainment industry. 

The event will also host panel discussions, workshops and talks in support of independent creative talent, with a focus on working together.

Diwali Fireworks 

This event at The Palm Jumeirah’s The Pointe, will celebrate the festival of lights in an exciting fashion. Be mesmerized by one of Dubai’s latest and hottest attractions with dancing water, upbeat music from around the world and 3,000 LED’s lighting up in tune with the stunning pyrotechnics. Whilst there, go out for a lovely meal with family and friends, and take advantage of the 25% off on food and beverage at one of the many outlets at the Pointe.

My first ticket to Coppelia 

Introduce your little ones to the art of ballet with this rendition of the classic children’s story. The 60 minute show tells the tale of a young girl who sits on her balcony, reading in complete isolation before being spotted by a boy named Franz from his distant throne. He falls in love, despite already being engaged. His jealous fiance hashes up a series of plots in the hope of winning Franz back, resulting in a spectacular performance, all played out through the medium of dance. 

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