Best places to live in Abu Dhabi?

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  • 18 Sep, 2013
Best places to live in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful island found on the Arabian Gulf and is also the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. With a population of about 475,000 people according to the 2003 census, it is one of the fastest developing cities in the world in terms of industrialization and commerce. It has many companies serving various industries coming up, at a pace that has never been seen before in the country of UAE.

Abu Dhabi has ranked on top position among the best cities to live in the Middle East region. The reason behind achieving such fame is emirate’s good score on public utilities, education, public transport, and entertainment facilities. Although, there are plenty of best places to live in Abu Dhabi providing accommodation for expats. But still, it’s hard to find affordable accommodation due to high rent rates. But as this city is expanding to its neighboring islands, a considerable rise in property supply has observed that can reduce property rents. Expats, tourists and corporate travelers who are planning to relocate this city for short or long duration should know little about various Abu Dhabi places to take the final decisions about their accommodation here.

Best Places for Living in Abu Dhabi

This means the demand for skilled human resources either in the managerial, technical, supervisory or consultant position is very high. This is especially so since they have the capital to fund the establishment of multi-million companies coming from oil revenues the country gets but may lack the skilled human resource required in the execution of the companies’ function.

The following list shows you some of the best spots for expats to live in Abu Dhabi. Once you secure yourself the appropriate ESTA documents allowing you entry into UAE, you can now peacefully live in any one of the following places.

Abu Dhabi’s Main Land (Khalifa City/Al Raha)
Main Land areas of emirate include two famous areas Khalifa City and Al Raha.

Khalifa City

Khalifa City is a residential area of the city and subdivided into 3 phases Khalifa City A, B, New Khalifa City. It is an upcoming residential area that is currently under construction and soon it will become the new city center after its completion. Despite this community is under construction, phase A has 600-700 houses. Residential property developments mainly consist of villas whereas commercial projects include commercial buildings and several international hotels. The remaining phases of this project are less developed as compare to (phase A). The major incentive to find accommodation here is low property rent. This community has a number of schools that attract young families to accommodate themselves here. Possessing your own car is essential if you are thinking to obtain rental accommodation here because it’s very hard to find taxis and public transport. Residents can satisfy their taste buds by visiting a few nice cafes located here. It also has small shops located near an Abela Supermarket for food and groceries.

Down Town Abu Dhabi

Down Town Abu Dhabi is the central part of the city that provides easy access to all major places of the city and various facilities of urban lifestyle like 5 star super luxury hotels. This area also provides easy access to major beaches and Mina Zayed port areas where residents and tourists shop at good bargain rates at souks, old fish markets, and a marina. The Club is another major entertainment spot of the downtown, which is very famous among Western expats as private leisure and fun place to go. This part specifically provides excellent health and education services. This area also serves as a capital place to provide premier shopping facilities and multi-screen cinema complex. Residential buildings include low, mid and high rise towers. Moreover, this area also clusters several commercial and retail buildings.

Al Raha

Al Raha is another major land development of Abu Dhabi’s main area, which consists of villas, apartments, shopping malls and several developments for residential and commercial use. Two major development of this area includes Al Raha Beach (11 waterfront developments) and Al Raha Garden (low rise villas and regional retail centers). This community is now focusing on buildup schools, supermarkets, and hotels in a few years to facilitate residents.

The Tourist Club

The Tourist club allows tourists to enjoy shopping trips at Abu Dhabi mall moreover Corniche (waterfront) is very appealing for expats and tourists who enjoy going on leisure walks, jogging, and cycling. It provides a very vibrant and active nightlife as hotels have bars and clubs. Captain’s Arms in the Le Meridian and Sax in the Royal Meridien are the two famous places of this city. Accommodation options include high rise apartment buildings. Parking can be a problem and even some landlords charge thousand extra for providing parking space.

Al Markaziya

Al Markaziyah is again subdivided into two parts south and east. Some describe this place as the “heart” of Abu Dhabi, given the fact that it’s a high rise city having 17 story blocks of apartments emerging on top of numerous shops and stores. Around buildings, large streets are running were at local markets shopkeepers are selling everything from holy water to carpets. As this suburb is centrally located in the city, it provides easy access to almost every place in the city. It means residents can easily visit various markets to purchase electronic items and general items. Residents and tourists can also enjoy several restaurants and shopping at supermarkets like Spinneys and a Lulu within easy walking distance. Schools are located in the south region. Parking and finding a taxi can be a problem. Traffic running there is in quite a disorganized manner that makes it really tough to cross the road. And just around the vicinity is a buzz of activities of shopkeepers selling a wide array of stuff ranging from carpets, holy water virtually anything you may want to buy. What makes it so convenient is its central location in the city which means virtually everything is easily reachable.

Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Mohammed Bin Zayed City is another upcoming top expats spot, this is because not so many people have discovered it yet the convenience of living there. Those already there are grateful for their luck on discovering it sooner before the vast majority does. The housing prices are exceptionally still low and it has some of the best villas. It has several schools, a big station for buses and the Al Safeer Centre is one of its best amenities though it still receives low human traffic.

Coastal Areas of Abu Dhabi providing Accommodation

Al Bateen

Al Bateen area is ideal for raising your family since its quiet and the majority of the residents are the local people of UAE. It has many townhouses and villas thus you can find a housing structure that will be conducive for your family easily. It has many amenities such as the Al Bateen Mall selling affordable clothing and electronics, the Al Bateen Marina which is a recreation place having a sports club, nightclub, and a restaurant. Although it not the conventional expats area but an increasing number of foreigners wishing to have a feel on the local lives are moving into the neighborhood.

Expats Number one Living Choice in Abu Dhabi

Al Khalidiaya

Khalidya is the suburb which is most famous among expats is located around Sheikh Zayed. It provides the easiest access to the central hub of the city. You can even find people moving on their feet. It has a huge multinational population that creates a prosperous expat community. High rise apartment buildings and single home communities provide accommodation. This area possesses takeaways of all shapes and sizes. Schools also run bus services from school to residential colonies. Abela Supermarket is also located in this community. Residents can walk on the beachside to enjoy the cool sea breeze. City’s major malls are located within the walking distance. Khalidya is best for those who enjoy walking on foot.

It one of the places most frequented by expats as it provides affordable accommodation made up of high-rise blocks of apartments and other attractive compounds like the Khalidiya Village. It has all the typical amenities of your conventional neighborhood including a school with bus transport for kids. Perhaps the most outstanding amenity is the Abela Supermarket.

Family Friendly Abu Dhabi Places to Live

Mangrove Village

Mangrove Village is famous as one of the family-friendly Abu Dhabi places. It is located at the intersection of Maqta Creek and the Arabian Gulf on the edge of the City. This community mainly consists of prestigious modern villa complexes besides sparkling and peaceful seaside. Mostly ex-pats from the West show great interest to accommodate in this community. Villas available in this community usually range from 3-4 bedrooms. The community also offers various ranges of urban facilities like indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna bath, health clubs tennis and basketball courts, children’s play area, a port for water sports lovers, daycare and nursery for infants, seafront café, supermarket and 24 hours security. Expats who don’t want to face a lot of traffic prefer to live here. This village has 312 villas. It is calm and silent despite children’s and the pet’s nose. Almost there are no nightlife activities but those who really need some night time activity can visit Shangri-La Hotel and Souq Qaryat Al Beri located near to this community. It is suggested that singles don’t prefer this place to live. Parking is not an issue here. It is one of the best family-friendly places to live here.

City’s Famous Places Among Youngsters

Madinat Zayed, Kahlidya and Al Wahda

Madinat Zayed, Kahlidya and Al Wahda are famous communities of the city that are famous among youngsters. It takes 10 to 15 min to reach the city center during low rush hours and 30 to 45 min during high rush hours. Madinat Zayed shopping provides good opportunities to shop for a complete range of grocery items whereas traditional gold souks and vegetables and meat markets allow people to enjoy the traditional taste of Middle East Culture. Despite being the favorite choice among expats, Khalidya is also famous among youngsters. It has various attractions like parks, internet cafes and restaurants serving shisha. Such places and activities attract teenagers and youngsters around the city. Al Wahda is another area located little more far from Madinat Zayed. It also has a mall, Lulu Supermarket, and range of shops. Apartment complexes and small villas are accommodation options available in this suburb.

Abu Dhabi has become one of the fastest progressing emirates of the UAE after Dubai. This has attracted foreign investors and job seekers to relocate this emirate to find better opportunities. This post is a little effort to guide people about famous Abu Dhabi places; this will enable them to make more informed decisions at the time of finalizing their accommodation.

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