A Better Day: Quick Ramadan home decor tips, Georgian cheese bread recipe

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  • 26 Apr, 2020
A Better Day: Quick Ramadan home decor tips, Georgian cheese bread recipe

Each weekday, our editors are sharing their quick tips, workouts, recipes, and observations to help us make the most of our time at home. We hope it makes your day a little bit brighter. #stayhome

Let’s start with some good news…

Staying connected with family and friends is helping us to keep calm, says a survey by Snapchat. A whopping 87% of Snapchatters in the UAE feel better prepared to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 than they did a month ago. Plus, the majority of us are steering clear of fake news, with 54% turning to official government sources for information on the outbreak. It goes to show that the app is about more than just flower crowns and butterflies.

Do this for a healthy body

Stretch out with a little help from Dubai’s Yoga House, which is streaming live yoga and Pilates classes via Zoom. You can book online or through the schedulehouse app (make sure you do it at least 30 mins in advance of the class start time). Dhs40 for a single class pass, Dhs35 for a 5-class pass and Dhs30 for a 10-class pass.

Do this for a healthy mind

If you’ve only got 10-minutes to spare, fret not as this short-guided meditation by The Honest Guys will help you achieve inner peace in a flash.

Delicious deliveries to your door

Let Bvlgari Resort Dubai take care of iftar for you with its sumptuous delivery of over 25 dishes, including Arabic delicacies such as slow-cooked lamb shoulder and Umm Ali. Dhs275 per person (for a minimum of 2 people, including delivery fees) – order 24-hours in advance by calling 04 777 5433 or emailing dine@bulgarihotels.com.

What to watch

Soaring back into the top 10 most viewed programmes on Netflix in the UAE is the classic Prison Break (18+) from 2005. It follows two brothers, one wrongfully facing the death penalty and the other who takes it upon himself to help break them both free from the prison he helped design.

What to listen to

If you’re a fan of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, head over to the IWC Schaffhausen Instagram page, where the company’s global brand ambassadors are reading aloud the chapters. Indian actress Sonam Kapoor opened the series, and she’ll be followed by Lebanese-British TV presenter Raya Abirached, Tunisian actress Hend Sabri and Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino, among others. It’s all for a good cause, too, as listeners can make a voluntary donation to support Save the Children’s charity programmes.

Home help

Looking for some easy ways to create a warm and festive feel throughout your home for Ramadan? These quick styling tips from the interiors exerts at B Living will help to transform your home into a modern majlis in a flash.

Isolators we love

If you’re looking for inspiration and hope today, then look no further than 99-year-old Captain Tom Moore. The war veteran has already raised well over 20 million pounds to help NHS healthcare workers in the U.K. How? By walking hundreds of laps around his back garden before reaching his 100th birthday. What a hero…

Join the party

The self-coined ‘craziest party in the world’, Barcelona’s Elrow is pumping out the last in its series of Home Sessions tonight at 4pm-7pm UTC+02. Tune in as Dennis Cruz and Rafa Barrios get viewers dancing around their sofas.

Cook like a pro

Today’s recipe comes courtesy of Gucci and Karime Lopez, chef de cuisine at Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura in Florence. It’s a Georgian cheese bread called khachapuri that’s perfect for sharing – though you will want to eat it all.

Ingredients (for 4):
a. 300g flour
b. 2g salt
c. 2g sugar
d. 4g dry yeast
e. 80ml warm milk
f. 100ml warm water
g. 300g grated cheese (feta, mozzarella and parmigiano, or you can use any cheese)
h. 20ml milk
i. 3 eggs

a. Put together the milk, and water add the yeast mix a little bit, add the sugar, on other bowl mix the flour with salt, mix all together until you have an even dough, let rest for 2 hours.
b. Grate the cheese and mix it with 100ml of milk and one egg.
c. Take the dough, spreading it into a circle about 9 inches in diameter. Then roll 2 opposite sides of the circle towards the center so it ends up have a boat like shape. Then pinch the corners together, cover and let rest for 1 hour.
d. Fill the kachapuri with the cheese mix.
e. Put in the oven and bake at 180° C
f. When the kachapuri has a golden colour (after about 15 mins) take it out of the oven and put the egg in the middle, put back in the oven until the egg is cooked (after 5-6 mins) and is ready to serve.

And lastly…things we’d never thought we’d miss #13

Wearing shoes. Do you remember those things? Always covered in sand.

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