Best workout spots in Abu Dhabi

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  • 17 Mar, 2021
Best workout spots in Abu Dhabi

Thinking of gearing up and heating the gym to be fit and fabulous? We sum up for you the most sought-after gym in Abu Dhabi, from budget-friendly to absolutely free, and most of all it abides by the Covid 19 rules. Safety first, right? So here we go, scroll it down …


Nothing beats home

We recommend your home as the safest and most friendly place to work out, just maximize the YouTube and look for daily workout activities that suit you and watch and learn from the comfort of your big screen.

There are also mobile applications that we can use in paid subscription terms where it won’t cost you a dime. These applications can monitor your workouts and track your progress, like having a professional coach at your most convenient time and day. Keep in mind that staying healthy is part of your investment, as the saying goes, “Health is Wealth”. In case of boredom strikes and looking for a real gym ambience to keep the momentum or prefer a beach and greenery place, we suggest keeping scrolling down …


Popular gyms & studios

Since the beginning of Covid-19, most of the gyms are closed, and we have here the list of Abu Dhabi’s most popular gyms that are recently re-open and guided by a set of new rules for our safety. If you are looking for a perfect place that is closer to the listed gym below or your preferred gym that is not on the list where you want to live closer, then we know the best place for you to stay. 

1. Abu Dhabi Country Club
2. Haddin’s Fitness
3. The Room
4. Vogue Fitness
5. Bodytree Studio
6. F45 Zayed Sports City


couples exercising


Shared community gyms

Everybody knows it and everyone is looking for it. Free gym access is a must that we don’t want to miss, right? Abu Dhabi’s prestigious and award-winning residential community has a gym and facilities included as part of the amenities to indulge in, and they are fully and modernly equipped, and conveniently accessible, where some are located in a gym on the rooftop and highly maintained. The exciting part is that most of them have a stunning jacuzzi, an awesome sauna for men and ladies, and a stunning pool with 25m lap lanes or a lazy river pool where swimming has no limits. There is also a children’s play area for kids to play in which the parents can have laser focus on their exercise program.  

Some properties have separate fitness and gym facilities dedicated to ladies and men, and the ones that have their property management to facilitate a healthy program that is offered exclusively for their residents.

Needing some fresh air? We know several residential communities that have a jogging track and paved public walk along the waterfront, or golf course, or we know a perfect place that offers both. A nice early walk around the park while breathing the natural air? Why not. We can also recommend a residential community where a public park is just a step away from your home. 

A healthy ocean plunged into the sea, and immersion in salt water can tremendously healthy lifestyle. Beachfront healthy living is now a trend. We have Mamsha Saadiyat, one of the best beachfront living in Abu Dhabi where the world-class gyms, parks, and direct beach access are all in one place. 

Imagine living in one of these places in Abu Dhabi to match your budget where the gym is complimentary and part of the package when you buy and leased these properties. We know that time is precious, and searching for the perfect place is quite a fuss, so at Betterhomes we guarantee a seamless experience when looking for your dream home. 

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