Dubai government apps you should know about

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  • 15 Aug, 2021
Dubai government apps you should know about

Need to plan your itinerary? There’s an app for that. Need medical or police services? There’s also an app for that. Need to top up your Salik account or pay your tolls? Well, there’s an app for that as well.

Living in a smart city like Dubai means everything is accessible with a tap or two on your phone. Gone are the days when there was a need to visit various addresses in order to inquire, book appointments, or sort your bills. If you come to think about it, anything you need is right in front of you. 

This connectivity is in huge part a result of the government’s efforts to make technological solutions available to everyone. Whether that’s paying utility bills or accessing personal or medical records, everything is just easier, faster and safer. In this list, we compiled the most essential Dubai government apps you should install right now. Here they are. 


First on this list, the UAE PASS. The app serves as a secure identity authentication service in order to access government services on your mobile phone. It is a simplified and unified platform to prove who you are before you can start using services that require proof of identity. Once you download and sign in to the UAE PASS, you can use it to access other apps that are tied to your Emirates ID or residence visa. This means you won’t have to sign up to every platform, making for a seamless experience across apps. It also allows you to sign, verify documents digitally.


If you only want one app to download on your phone, then look no further. With DubaiNow, you can virtually do everything. From utility to driving, education to health, and residency to security, it grants you access to various services all in one platform. hat said, you can set up your DEWA account or pay utility bills and top up your Salik and NOL accounts from the app. You can buy or sell your car or renew your car registration. You can also get or cancel residency sponsorships for your family and even call emergency numbers including the Dubai Police or the Fire Department. Heck, you can even get real-time flight information from Dubai airports. So far, DubaiNow allows you access to 115 from over 34 entities, both private and public. Talk about a one-stop-shop!  

Dubai Calendar

With so many events happening all at once, it can be hard to track all the goings-on in the city. Not with Dubai Calendar app on your phone, though. Access all the events at your fingertips whether you’re into music, culture, art, fashion, health and sports. Dubbed as the official listing of events in Dubai, find out the latest upcoming events in the city, add it to your calendar, share it with friends, and purchase tickets by using the app.


Your health in your pocket! With the DHA App, you can access Dubai Health Authority’s services straight from your phone. This is especially useful today as it allows you to book your Covid 19 vaccine or screening. More than that, the app can be used to manage patient services where you can search for professionals and facilities, book an appointment for you and your family, and keep track of medications and lab results. For a more personalized health experience, it can be integrated into your default health and fitness phone app!

Smart Salik

If you drive in Dubai, Smart Salik is a lifesaver. This is the RTA’s official mobile app for Dubai’s road toll system. Using the app, you can check your balance, top up your account, add or remove registered vehicles, and most importantly, check your violations. You can also manage multiple profiles for your family and friends.


Moving in and around Dubai is a breeze with its world-class public transport system. RTA’s S’hail app makes it even more convenient. A journey planner and map all at the same time, the app can help you plan your journey with the best public transport whether that’s a single ride on the metro station or if it involves transfers between buses and trams. The app shows you the best routes and the total time of commute. Not only that, it allows you top up your Nol card and explore top tourist locations.

Dubai REST

Dubai REST is the go-to app for real state services. It is handy not only for brokers but for end-users, particularly homeowners, landlords, tenants and investors too. Touted as DLD’s smart and secure platform for all your real estate needs, users can access property information and documentation as well as request for services such as requesting mortgage bids, property evaluations, and pay service charge fees. Most importantly, it allows property owners and tenants to manage registration, renewal, and cancellation of lease and submit rental dispute cases.

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