How to create the spa-like bathroom

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  • 06 Jul, 2020
How to create the spa-like bathroom

Julia Woodger, interior designer at Stella + The Stars ( shares her tips on turning a bog-standard bathroom into a pampering haven.

A simple way to make your bathroom feel more spa-like, as well as visually appealing, is by adding a beautiful, freestanding bathtub.  

The soft curves add a sculptural look and focal point to space and, being deeper and wider than most fitted baths, helps to support the head and shoulders for a deep sense of relaxation. Check out the BagnoDesign showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road for inspiration.

spa-like bathroom

If you have the space, a customised walk-in shower with a transparent glass partial wall lends an instant spa-like finish. Complete the look with a glorious, oversized rainfall showerhead and be sure to build a nook inside the shower for stashing away your beauty products.

Create a sense of calm by choosing colours that bring a sense of nature and serenity to the space through their reflection of the natural elements of stone, air and water. You could paint the walls in soft earthy tones such as ash grey, sand or taupe. Soothing blue hues will also offer a feeling of tranquillity, as will a fresh, clean white finish.

spa-like bathroom

Steer away from busy patterns and opt for a minimalist style with clean lines for a timeless look. Incorporate textures such as wood, stone, glass and metal to stimulate the senses. Hand-crafted cement floor tiles in soft, soothing colours are a clever way to add detail while keeping the space cool and modern. has a stunning collection of tiles in all sorts of patterns and beautifully muted colours.

Lighting plays an important role and you need to factor in both natural and artificial lighting when renovating a bathroom. Ceiling spotlights will provide general lighting in the room. Installing a dimmer switch will help you find the right balance, whether it’s task lighting that’s needed to apply make-up, or ambient lighting to set the mood for that long soak in the bath. For larger spaces, consider hanging a pendant above the bath for that truly decedent feel. If you have a window, a white linen voile blind will give you privacy while still letting the sunlight creep in during the day.

Place some individually-rolled white hand towels on a tray next to the sink and put some aromatic eucalyptus in a vase. Pamper yourself with little indulgences, such as a beautiful kimono, a therapeutic oil diffuser, and some decadent bath oil from Jo Malone. A simple bath caddy that sits over the tub is a handy way to keep a scented candle, your favourite book, and a chilled drink by your side

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