How to make a dreamy plunge pool in your house

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  • 06 Jul, 2020
How to make a dreamy plunge pool in your house

Kym Jackson Shen, director of Haute Bohéme ( tells us why the coolest customers are opting for plunge pools

A plunge pool is a great way to enjoy all the privacy of a swimming pool in your back garden, without it dominating the space or costing you a huge amount to maintain it, compared to a full-sized equivalent. We are blessed in Dubai, with lots of community and hotel pools on the doorstep so it can feel unnecessary to invest in an overly large pool at home.

The most common sizes for plunge pools are 4 x 3 metres and 5 x 2 metres, but you can go off-script depending on the space you have available. Start by earmarking the best location in your garden, such as a sunny or shaded spot, depending on what you prefer. If the layout of your garden allows, I recommend positioning it where you can also enjoy seeing it from indoors (such as through the patio doors while sitting on your sofa), and towards the back of the garden so it’s anchored by the boundary wall.

Think about the design features that will make it functional and fun.  As well as entry steps, for instance, you could build in some large underwater seats or ledges to relax on. For a touch of luxury, you could think about adding spa jets.

Find a trusted contractor, such as Pools by Design ( and Silver (, who can firm up the design and give you a quote. Ensuring you get a professional installation using quality materials is invaluable compared to having to rework elements that aren’t up to scratch later down the line. Plus, they’ll be able to secure all the permissions needed, secure access to the site, and advise on the best time of year to do the work.

As the temperature skyrockets during the summer, I’d recommend installing a chiller. These can be expensive, so start the conversation with your contractor early on in the process.

When it comes to the budget, don’t forget to take into consideration any ancillary items you will need, such as having an outdoor shower, figuring out the location of the pump room, and ensuring there is non-slip tile surrounding the pool. When all of this is factored in properly, it makes having a plunge pool so much more enjoyable.

Porcelain is the most popular choice of swimming pool tile due to its strength and durability. Classic shades of blue will never go out of style but don’t be afraid to make a statement with dramatic black, or extremely light blue pearlescent tiles for a boho look. You can surround the pool with decking or non-slip tile in a complementary shade, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Factor insufficient lighting so you can take a dunk in the dark. Strategically placed spotlights at the bottom of the pool create a luxurious ambience when coupled with stronger washes of light from the house or any surrounding entertaining zones that’ll bathe you in a soft glow.

plunge pool in your house

If you have young children, make sure you install adequate fencing, so the area is safe. Baby Secure ( is a popular option and they can also fit lockable automatic self-closing gates.

Be sure to have a maintenance contract in place that involves regular visits to ensure the pool is in tip-top shape. It should be cleaned and the chlorine levels tested weekly.

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