Role of Dubai festivals in Dubai tourism.

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  • 24 Jun, 2012
Role of Dubai festivals in Dubai tourism.

Dubai is the second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It has built up its image as one of the most glittering cities that hypnotizes tourists and travelers visiting this place to spend a family holiday. Dubai is grouped among a few of the places across the world that are known to have such extreme charisma and charm to mesmerize the heart of every visitor. This city possesses everything to cater to the needs of those who are choosing this place as a holiday destination and investment market as well. Major attractions it offers to tourists and travelers include the world’s luxurious hotels, world trade business hubs, outstanding infrastructure, and alluring beaches.

Besides offering various opportunities and attractions, the geographical location of Dubai has also made it a very suitable place to visit for any reason. It has some of the charismatic countries of the Gulf region including Muscat and Oman. Although, it has become one of the favorite tourist and business destinations state government and private organizations are still expanding their efforts to amplify earning revenue from the travel, tourism and service industry. In order to meet its target people belonging to different industries like hoteliers, mall management, sports organizations, and government travel and tourism officials are working together to increase festival-like activities in the city like shopping, sports, food and film festivals. They offer various incentives and discount packages during such festivals in Dubai to attract more visitors across the globe. Even airlines also announce special packages during Dubai festivals in collaboration with travel and tourism agencies.

Dubai Festivals


Dubai celebrates and organizes various festivals and events that play a great role in boosting up the city’s economy as well as its capability to earn more revenue from the travel and tourism industry. Dubai festivals are usually based on events and activities like shopping music, arts, sports, and movies. The following are some of the world-renowned Dubai Festivals.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Dubai Desert Classic
  • Dubai Summer Surprises
  • Dubai National Day Festival
  • Dubai Rugby Sevens

Dubai Shopping Festival

dubai shopping festival DSF

It is a huge Dubai festival that has played a central role to progress travel and tourism industry in Dubai. Usually, it held at the start of the year from January-February. World’s biggest retailers offer heavy discounts to buyers. As this city allows tax-free shopping for all buyers, this greatly enhances potential buyers across the world to visit this city during the shopping festival. Tourists and leisure travelers can take advantage of incredible offers and discounts on branded items.

Dubai Desert Classic

Dubai Desert Classic

Since its start in 1986, this Dubai festival has gained much fame and success all over the world. It is actually a sporting event of a premium golf tournament in the world. The top-notch golfers across the world feel proud to become part of this event. Tourists can enjoy watching the game of the world’s best golf players. Moreover, this event beautifully displays the rich lifestyle of this Emirate.

Dubai Summer Surprises

This event possesses fame equivalent to the Dubai Shopping Festival. Actually it is an annual family and vacation treat for everyone. Local residents, migrants, travelers and tourists are welcome to enjoy summer vacations with their kids in such an exciting place where fun never ends. This event continues for ten weeks. Families get special discounts in super-luxury shopping malls, spas and fun places in this city.

Dubai National Day Festival

Dubai national day

This event is celebrated on 2nd December. It is actually the day when Dubai got freedom from the colonial rule of the British. Tourists can enjoy this day by watching exciting activities like parachuting shows and camel rides.

Dubai Rugby Sevens

It is a kind of thrilling event that drags the attention of tourists across the world. Tourists can explore thrilling rugby action among huge noisy crowds. It has transformed the conservative look of the sporting events into the modern event in this city.

Such events and Dubai festivals have greatly enhanced travel and tourism in Dubai by offering more interesting activities to tourists visiting Dubai.

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