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At Betterhomes, we understand that short term rental process can be stressful and time consuming. That is why we are here to help!

Our dedicated team of professionals provide a full range of services, ensuring the process is smooth, so you can just sit back and relax! Our services include marketing of your property, from photography to online exposure on our website and booking portals such as Airbnb, as well as all of the paperwork and maintenance checks so you can simply reap the rewards with as much or as little involvement and effort from your side.

The team will attract the right sort of tenants for your requirements so you can decide whether you prefer to let your property as a holiday home or as a short-term rental property.

You get to take advantage of investing in a property, getting a good return, whilst also having the luxury and flexibility for you, your friends and family to stay whenever you want. It is a win-win situation!



We photograph your serviced property professionally to ensure it presents to customers at its best.


We manage your property which includes the paperwork, permits, accounts and payments, in addition to vetting and handling guests


We give your apartment or villa online exposure through our website, extensive customer database and online booking portals such as Airbnb.


We thoroughly clean your short stay property before and after use, including a weekly spruce up during guest visits.


We keep your property occupied while giving you as much flexibility to use it when you need it.


We check your apartment or villa regularly and attend to all major maintenance or 'handyman tasks'.

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Your Questions Answered

Short term rentals are growing in popularity across Dubai, and we are seeing a growing number of landlords taking advantage of the increase in earnings while transforming their properties into holiday home investments. We have also seen a shift in recent months where prospective tenants are willing to pay a premium for the allowance of monthly payments without the tie of a 12-month lease.

We are open to discussion on the amount of deposit we take from tenants however we don›t want to price ourselves out of the market, and in our experience, the amounts we recommend tend to cover any damages.

At Betterhomes, our occupancy rate is around 85% - for units with good quality furnishing that appeal to the wider market we would expect at least this rate.

We will provide you with a detailed financial projection to demonstrate your potential income - we will also compare this to the long term rental market.

Our standard fee is 20% of the rental rate when the unit is leased.

We would advise the landlord to invest in an annual maintenance package. If interested, please contact our team for information on different packages

The peak months tend to be in October, November, and December in line with the tourist seasons - in basic terms it is usual to experience 9 high months and 3 low months. We also try to secure the low seasons with corporates clients or month by month rental clients.

As we are a Real Estate agent using us for both the short term and the sale of your unit makes it easy to coordinate viewings. Using short term rentals will also give you some earning potential while your property is on the market and also means it is always well kept, clean and maintained giving you the flexibility for an easy transition once the unit sells.

We meet all of our tenants in person to conduct passport checks, and we also submit their details to the Dubai Tourism board. Our team will also take a security deposit to cover any damages that may occur during a rental.

We never let a client check-in without paying their rent in advance, we also meet and vet every client that checks into our properties, meaning non-payment cases are few and far between.

We as standard put 10 weeks in our contact, but the point of STR is that it is flexible and allows you to use your property as and when you need to. We only recommend these 10 weeks or less, so it allows your property to perform to its maximum potential.

We understand that the furniture is an initial outlay in comparison to other types of renting; however, you will really see the benefits of your investment the longer the property is on the Short Term Rental market. Good quality furniture lasts for years and will keep attracting rental clients if it›s furnished in a desirable and modern trend.

Yes, we recommend furniture being a modern, polished look as this really increases the occupancy rates on a unit. If we are furnishing your unit we have a good idea what our clients look for and what photographs well in our marketing materials - we are experts in choosing the right furniture to increase how attractive your property looks to the typical Short Term Rental client.

Our management fee includes a mixture of local portals to attract the short-term month by month tenants as well as the holiday home portals. We also have 24/hr support for our guests and numerous positive reviews on our service. All of our listing photos are taken by a professional photographer as standard and our housekeeping and maintenance work 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on offering an all-inclusive service. As the biggest real estate agent in Dubai, our dedicated marketing team and brand reputation place us as one of the market leaders for holidaymakers and month by month renters.

For every lease and every renewal, we get a contract signed - you will receive a copy of this. Our dedicated team will also inform you of any offers and potential booking advising you of a client profile, how long, and most importantly, the price.

As a holiday home can only be registered under one license, you cannot put a unit on short term rentals with multiple agents. We will be more than happy to help take a booking directly from yourself - but unfortunately, currently there is no wider system to see when other agents have booked your property so all bookings would need to be through us to avoid double booking.

We use an average figure in our financial projections for the bills- we are lucky enough to have great housekeepers who will see how our guests are living. If they notice the utilities being used a significant amount more than necessary, we can notify and address this with the tenants.

Luckily even if a developer wishes to ban the short-term rentals in that building, they do not have much power to stop the landlord from doing so. Short Term Rentals are regulated by Dubai Tourism who make the rules and the developers do not have enough power to override this.

Unfortunately, we cannot list on our permit with the DMTC if the SPA states hotel apartment - however, we can aid you with finding a tenant for your hotel apartment using our marketing only short term rental service.

Yes, we would need all personal items either locked in a separate part of the property without guest access or removed from the accommodation to avoid our guests using or breaking any personal items.