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Harnathan Singh Bains

Nathan started his professional career as an apprentice within an investment firm back in the UK where he learnt the ropes which lead into a blossoming career taking him through various roles from Client Liaison Manager to Senior Technical Mentor. Through his career he have worked with clients from all walks of life developing an understand of the needs and requirements of a CEO all the through to your work from home mother which allows him to be able to relate to clients on not only a professional level but also personal.

He believed that he had achieved his goals from his career in banking and turned his second career choice and passion for property into his next challenge. Growing up he was always around property development and investing as his father was and still is an avid property investor and him today find himself in Dubai as part of a prestigious team at Betterhomes once again working towards a new goal of his which is becoming one of the best brokers in the company and being a recognised face within the real estate community here in the UAE.

Nathan likes to spend his spare time with friends and unwind after a long day at work whether that be simply going for a meal or watching sports such a football which he absolutely love!