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It’s no secret that the Dubai Real Estate market is, and always has been, one of the most sought after industries to break into.

Sales people worldwide have heard about the uncapped earning potential, seen the stunning properties that the city has to offer and witnessed snippets of the glamorous lifestyle that is soaked up by the residents here.

Celebrating the United Arab Emirates turning half a decade old this year we have seen the, once nothing but the sand city, turn into the cosmopolitan metropolis we know and love today. Boasting the worlds tallest building, and with a stunning infrastructure, Dubai continues to grow and attract expats from all around the world.

The past 12 months have seen Dubai prepare to launch Expo 2020 which has opened up a huge amount of new career opportunities within the city. This has meant that we have seen an influx of new people joining us to live and work here in Dubai. Not only this but 2020 saw the UAE introduce Golden & Freelance Visas which created an opportunity for people to work remotely in Dubai and for those already living here, the opportunity to stay here on a long term basis. There is currently a new metro line underway which will connect Dubai’s stunning villa communities to the city centre areas of Dubai and it is predicted that we will see more than 20,000 new properties enter the market before the end of the year.

So, it comes as no surprise that the Real Estate market is thriving right now. In June we celebrated the best month that the Real Estate market had seen in 8 years. July then knocked that record out of the park with our best performing July since 2009.

So, if you are considering a career within Dubai Real Estate, here is everything you need to know:

1) Real Estate is a Commission Only Industry: Real Estate attracts target driven, money motivated individuals who like to be rewarded accordingly for the work they put in. The uncapped earning potential and no visits from the taxman, means that the generous commission structures offered in Dubai Real Estate far outweigh a basic salary. If you are tired of putting all of the work in and seeing the same basic results month in, month out no matter what you do and want to essentially run your own business this is the industry for you! Dubai Real estate offers the opportunity to take full control of your own finances and essentially write your own paycheques!


2) Relocation & Settling In costs: As Dubai Real estate does operate on a commission-only basis, this means that there is a requirement for all successful candidates to have sufficient savings in place to support them through the early stages of their new career. This includes the relocation process – flight tickets, purchasing suitable work attire, ensuring you have relevant travel insurance, etc. As well as the start-up costs that you will incur when you first arrive such as accommodation, car hire, mobile phone contract and day to day living expenses. Betterhomes provide you with a financial planner that highlights these costs in full detail to ensure you are in the right situation financially and be able to prepare for your move with full confidence.

3) Tools & Support provided by the company: It is important when starting any new career that you are fully informed of the processes involved and how the company supports you during the early days of your new role. First and foremost, does the company provide any in house training on joining them? How long does the company new starter training last and what do they cover in this training? Will you have sufficient knowledge of the role, industry and market to ensure you are confident that you can do the role to the highest standard. Is there any additional training or support when you go into the role full time? You should also be fully informed about any marketing & admin support that you will receive from the company. Is it an open door policy should you need to speak to a manager or will you be offering in silence ranting to your colleagues? At Betterhomes we offer an in house wellness committee and our managers are always on hand with advice & support throughout your career with us.

4) The actual role itself: Managing your expectations of the workload and what a normal working day looks like is one way to make sure you’re not in for any nasty surprises when you get started. Real Estate is not a 9-5 role so if you are looking for the clock in and clock out kind of roles, look away now! Real Estate requires a lot of hard work, commitment and even sacrifices. Especially as you build your personal brand and establish yourself as an agent in the market place. You need to be prepared to put long hours in, make lots of calls through the existing client databases and
ensure you are active and busy in the market. As one of the most competitive industries here in the UAE, you will be coming up against several other agents who will be contacting the same landlords and tenants as you will be. You need to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Never over promise and under deliver. Make sure you contact any leads that come through to you straightaway before another agent can. Always provide a five star, world class service from start to finish. (Yes even after you’ve been paid). Repeat and referral business are two of the easiest ways to guarantee to close additional deals.

So, now you have heard about the earning potential, you are familiar with what the role actually entails the stunning properties and you’ve probably watched the glamorous Netflix shows and now you think you’re ready to be a Real Estate agent in one of the world’s hottest property markets!
Now that you know all of the above and you’re ready to pursue a career in Dubai Real Estate, all you need to do is apply!

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