Finding the right rental property at the right price can be a challenge. So be sure where you stand before you sign a contract with this short FAQ.

How many rent cheques are usually required and what is the best way to negotiate the best rate?

Between one and four cheques are the most common. You can often negotiate a slightly lower lease by paying with fewer cheques.

Can a tenant be expected to pay a security deposit to view a property?

A security deposit just to view a property is not good practice, nor our practice at Betterhomes.

Does the landlord have a right to ask for a security deposit?

Yes, the landlord has the right to hold a security deposit which is usually around 5% of the total rental.

Who pays for repairs if something within the property breaks during my tenancy?

It depends on the cause. For general wear and tear there will a clause in your contract whereby the landlord is responsible for maintenance over AED 500. However, in the case of damage this would be your responsibility

Are there any clauses I can use if I need to break my contract?

Some contracts have a break clause. Usually, you’re expected to give notice within a pre-determined time frame. You’ll also face a penalty of a number of months’ rent, which will be pre-agreed in your contract.

Can my landlord evict me before my tenancy agreement is completed?


My landlord wants to increase my rent. What’s the legal amount they’re allowed to increase it by?

The landlord can only increase your rent according to the RERA calculator – and they must give you 90 days’ advance notice of any increase. The RERA calculator establishes a baseline rental cap per area. If your rent amount falls under this baseline, the landlord is permitted to increase it to the RERA rate.

If your landlord does want to evict you how long is the notice they need to give you as a tenant?

The landlord must give you 12 months’ notice.

My landlord has not paid the service charges in my building and now I’m unable to use the communal areas. Who can I contact about this?

In the first instance you’ll need to contact your Landlord directly. Should they refuse to pay you may have legal recourse. You can begin by calling the Dubai Rental Disputes Settlement Centre on 600 555 556.

The rental properties I’m looking at are all snapped up very quickly. How can I put a deposit on a property and be sure no one undercuts me 24 hours later?

Once you’ve paid your deposit the property should be reserved for you and taken off the market. However, to be absolutely sure it’s best to sign a contract as soon as possible.


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