7 Creative Ways to Refresh Your Floors

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  • 07 Jun, 2020
7 Creative Ways to Refresh Your Floors

Turning your home into a true source of joy and inspiration is not that difficult to do. There are various simple projects that you can start to refresh the look of your home or to give the different spaces of your house a dramatic lift. 

However, if you are aiming to make a grand impact, then your floors are the specific feature of your house that can automatically give your abode a whole new feel. Change their material, colour, finish, or design, and your home will feel and look like new.

Most people think that changing the floors in a home wouldn’t be as significant an improvement as painting the walls or switching up the layout of the rooms. But according to interior design experts, even the slightest change in the floors can brighten up rooms, not to mention improve the interior sounds and climate. 

Thus, if you’re ready to make your floors pop, here are seven creative ways to do so.

Use a combination of different flooring materials.

A uniform appearance for floors gives home interiors a clean and peaceful vibe, but if you are starting to find this look boring, consider using a combination of different flooring materials for various areas of your house. This is already a common practice in commercial spaces, so it’s certainly a lovely idea to use for your home. 

There’s no issue combining hardwood and tiles, or concrete and tiles, or even all the different flooring materials available. Just make sure to plan this out thoroughly to serve your aesthetic and functional requirements appropriately.

Apply decorative concrete coatings.

Decorative concrete coatings can instantly liven up the look of your floors. There are coating materials that will not only give shine to concrete floors and make them so much easier to clean, but they can make your floors look like a totally different material as well.

Terrazzo concrete coating, for instance, has glass, granite, mirror chips, mother-of-pearl, porcelain, and quartz particles. With all these elements, the plainest concrete base will instantly look high-end.

It’s worth adding that applying decorative concrete coatings can reinforce the structural integrity of your concrete floor, and even double its durability. It can also prevent moisture build-up, which leads to moulds.

Cover with fabric.

Elegant textiles can likewise be used to cover floors. A lot of stylish homeowners like the fashion runway appearance achieved by using luxurious woven fabric with everything from geometric patterns to ethnic prints and delicate florals. You can do the same if you truly want your floors to stand out.

However, covering your floors with fabric requires the services of expert installers. In addition to that, it’s essential to bear in mind that even the highest-quality beautiful fabrics wear down fast.

Therefore, if you want to use fabrics for floor treatments, it’s best to reserve them for areas that do not get used often. In addition, make sure to instruct everybody to remove their shoes to preserve the lovely appearance and luxurious texture of the fabric-covered floor.

Lay down area rugs.

Using area rugs is perhaps the easiest way to liven up the look of your floors. There are so many designs and materials to choose from. Plus, you can even layer them to enhance the texture and create a more interesting flooring design.

What’s even better is that there are so many ways to style area rugs to bring richness to rooms. Play around with different sizes and shapes. Likewise, learn the different rules for laying down carpets and area rugs to achieve beautiful dimensions for a room. It’s worth noting as well that you can use area rugs to complement wall treatments and decor.

Paint your floors.

When it comes to making over the look of floors, painting them comes at a close second to using area rugs when it comes to ease. It doesn’t matter if your floors are made of wood, ceramic tiles, or concrete because you can use paint to elevate their appearance and style.

There are all kinds of possibilities with paint. You have the option to use a single colour for all of your floors. You can also top the paint with a high-quality finish to enhance its texture and overall appearance. And, you can also paint different images or patterns to make your floors pop.

If you are keen on painting images on your floors, there are stencils that you can use for precise lines and shapes. But, if you are artistically gifted, you can pretty much treat your floors as a canvas and freehand-paint anything.

Install recessed floor lights.

This is another bright idea to consider if you want floors with a lot of character and if you also wish to improve safety in your home. Installing recessed floor lights can bring attention to floors and improve interior illumination.

And, with artistic installation or placement, these lights can even create impressive geometric designs for your floors when turned on.

Tile it up.

Using tiles is another fantastic idea for creating better-looking floors. Ceramic and vinyl tiles come in such a wide range of colours, designs, shapes, and sizes — there truly is no shortage of possibilities with them. Some are even made to look like wood, which is great options if you like hardwood floors but find them difficult to clean, prone to pests, and tedious to repair.

The only issue most people have with tiles is that ceramic ones can easily break. If you accidentally drop something on the floor, it’s not just that item that could get damaged, but your floor as well. As for vinyl tiles, they are also prone to cracking, and if it’s too humid where you live, some can develop unsightly bubbles that could even become tripping risks.

However, when it comes to beauty, tiles can genuinely deliver. What’s on-trend for interior styling using tiles these days are multi-coloured and various patterned styles which give homes a strong Middle Eastern or Mediterranean feel. This trend is also perfect if you want to take the minimalist route for your walls and decor and fully direct attention to your floors.

These are seven excellent ways for you to give your floors a brilliant makeover. All of them are rather easy to pull off, and many are quite affordable. Which of these will you be using based on your budget and personal style?

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