List of best islands in Abu Dhabi you should see

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  • 30 May, 2018
List of best islands in Abu Dhabi you should see

Despite of being capital emirate of UAE, Abu Dhabi is also the largest emirate among all seven emirates of UAE. The emirate produces 90% of UAE oil. It possess huge oil reservoirs that constituents 10% of the world’s oil reservoirs and 5% of gas reserves. The emirate consists of nearly 200 islands. Some of these Abu Dhabi islands are well developed and easily accessible to visitors. Such islands also provide accommodation, entertainment and leisure facilities for residents and tourists visiting this emirate. Most of the Abu Dhabi islands are flat, vacant and deserted. State government is working on proper strategy to construct them in order to provide modern life style facilities. The emirate is showing tremendous progress to build infrastructure and other facilities to convert this emirate into a luxurious place to live. Abu Dhabi is also the name of city which is located on a huge island connected with main land of UAE via two bridges Maqta and Mussafah. Abu Dhabi International Airport is located on the mainland. Most of the larger Abu Dhabi islands located close to the main city are well developed to provide business, trade, accommodation and entertainment facilities for local residents and tourists. The emirate has several untouched beautiful beaches and wildlife sanctuaries.

Besides building and constructing the emirate, government also focuses to preserve natural scenic beauty and genuine taste of Arab culture. Abu Dhabi islands provide luxurious and attractive lifestyle facilities in a cosmopolitan environment. Residents can avail all modern life amenities in a natural and pleasant environment. The emirate provides beautiful waterfront accommodation with lot of parks, trees and greenery. The emirate is known as Green State due to its beautiful lush green landscapes and huge sand dunes.

Although, all Abu Dhabi islands own their own charisma and character, some of them have gained too much fame among local nationals, expats as well as tourists searching unique places to visit.

Well known Abu Dhabi Islands

Below is the list of famous Abu Dhabi Islands that have become favorite choice among people who are visiting this emirate to find accommodation or for tourism purposes. Most of these Abu Dhabi Islands provide easy access to everyone and tourists can enjoy camping events, boat trips, exciting adventure trips and other cultural sightseeing.

Yas Island


Yas Island has emerged as hub of sports and leisure activity spot among Abu Dhabi Islands. It is just 30 minutes away from main isle of the emirate. It is known as the land of theme parks. Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are few remarkable must visit places of this region.

Saadiyat Island


Saadiyat Island is located just 500m away from the coast of main isle of Abu Dhabi. It is such a diverse place offering unique lifestyle to its residents. It is a multifaceted destination which acts as buzzing hub for business and finance, luxury waterfront residences, dazzling architectural structures, thrilling sporting facilities and perfect sandy beaches with beachfront resorts. Further, this region is well connected with 12 km of highways, 10 km of light rail network and 3 inter-island bridges. This Abu Dhabi Island also possesses a state of the art communication system to keep it well connected across the globe. The isle is also connected with mainland via two major highway bridges.

Sir Bani Yas Island


Sir Bani Yas Island is considered largest natural isles among Abu Dhabi Islands. It is also the main component of Desert Island’s complex. It possesses a huge wildlife reserve Arabian Wildlife Park, which is home for more than 10,000 animals. The Park has occupied more than half of land area of this isle. Visitors can get close with animals like Arabian Oryx, Giraffes, Gazelles, Cheetahs and Hyenas. Tourists can also enjoy cruise and sail trips on the Arabian Gulf. Whereas, world’s first zero emission buses also run bus trips of isle and enable guests to explore beautiful landscapes.

Delma Island


Delma Island is one of the oldest among Abu Dhabi Islands. It was used to be the most important pearl diving center in UAE. It also possesses evidences for the Palm cultivation in the region. Good supply of fresh water has made this region surprisingly fertile to produce wide variety of plants. It is a national treasure with 7,500 year history. Moreover, it is also a key part of Desert Island which is known to provide educational facilities to build its nation. Students will study courses in English, Tourism, Management and Computing.

The Desert Islands


The Desert Island is located on the western coast of Abu Dhabi in the Arabian Gulf on a distance of 2 and half hour drive. Basically it is a collection of eight isles, Sir Bani Yas, Dalma and six Discovery Islands. The island offers several attractions, accommodation and educational facilities. The region is still undergoing construction and development process. New upcoming projects include lodges and entertainment centers. Developers are continuously working to protect natural beauty of these isles while enhancing standard of living for future generation.

Al Reem Island


Al Reem Island is just 600 meters away from Abu Dhabi’s coast. Developers are continuously striving to build it as one of the most eye catching developments for tourists in world. The island has several super luxury hotels, restaurants, lush green lawns, museums, amusement parks and aquarium. Besides this, it also executes residential, commercial and business needs of UAE residents. The isle has gained world fame after announcing its first free zones in Abu Dhabi.

Bu Tinah Island


Bu Tinah Island is a tiny archipelago located 130 km west to Abu Dhabi. It is also the part of Marawah Marine Bio Sphere Reseve. The island is of horse shoe shape and rich in marine and terrestrial life. It has extensive coral formations and sea grass beds. The island is very rich in biodiversity and located within the Marawah Marine Bioshere Reserve. The biosphere is recognized as region’s first largest UNESCO-designated marine biosphere reserve with total area of more than 4,000 square km.

Abu Dhabi Islands are not only provide beautiful landscapes with year round sunshine rather they also fulfill business, work and accommodation needs of residents. Moreover, visitors and tourists can find fantastic shopping and world class resorts.

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