Calling all pet parents!

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  • 12 Sep, 2021
Calling all pet parents!

If you have a furry, scaly or water-dwelling friend at home and you’re looking for a place to get the best of the best supplies for them, Pet Haus is the one stop shop for all their needs and wants. It is an exclusive pet supply store with products for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fishes and small pets like rabbits, hamsters, mice and more. The store offers a wide selection of well reputed and trusted brands of dry food, wet food, treats, toys, healthcare supplies and beds as well as grooming, travel, safety and habitat accessories.

Conceived out of a true love for animals and concern for their well-being, Pet Haus considers your furry family members as their own and ensures that they receive only the best of every aspect of pet care, whether it’s finding the right feed, the perfect fun and interactive toy to keep your pet buddy engaged or keeping it looking spunky and fresh. With Pet Haus, your pets are guaranteed to stay happy and healthy for a long time to come!

The core value – pets are family!

The Pet Haus core values have been built on the foundation of the idea that pets are not just pets, but members of our families, who not only give us love and joy, but require the same in return. It is our duty and responsibility to give them the care and attention they deserve and most importantly, a space in the household equivalent to any other member of the family unit.

“Pets are family,” says Christina Stuetz, perennial animal lover and founder of Pet Haus. Her love affair with animals began long before Pet Haus became a reality, but her experiences with rescuing and adopting strays, fostering them and raising them not only as a teenager in her home country of Germany, but also here in Dubai, motivated her to start a business that provides comprehensive services for pet care and a good life for strays and rescues who might not be able to help themselves. In a bid to fulfill her desire to help these strays, Pet Haus was established in 2020, and a team of only the most passionate and dedicated animal lovers with pets of their own was set up to take her vision forward.

Majority of the staff members hired have pets at home themselves so that those giving the care can truly understand the heart of a pet parent. Guaranteed, your pets are in safe, loving hands with the Pet Haus team, who consider every animal their own and treat them as such.

The products

Pet Haus features one of the largest variety of pet products that are from high-end, international brands and are of premium quality. The food choices are curated keeping in mind the nutritional needs of your pet friends. Food for all age groups is available, from the babies all the way through to the seniors and complete nourishment is the central focus. Supplements and treats are also available so that your pet remains happy and satisfied. Accessories for feeding like bowls and feeders make the process easier, in addition to adding a touch of personalization.

For fishes and reptiles, all necessary equipment like tanks, aquariums and terrariums, the habitat décor, water care and cleaning products, maintenance tools, healthcare supplies, heating, lighting and aquarium filters are all available to purchase under one roof.

Other accessories like leashes, harnesses, collars, beds, toys, litter management and carries and travel accessories are also included, all durable and of high quality so that your pets are safe and secure when travelling with you.

The store

The Pet Haus team works tirelessly to make the store a platform which is easily accessible to pet parents around the country, and stocks high quality products that are sure to benefit the health and happiness of your pets.

The online store was created to reach as many pet parents as possible to give them an easy, manageable and convenient shopping experience. Customers can browse through the website and find all the products they need. Efficient home delivery and prices that don’t break the bank complete this shopping experience for a smooth service from start to finish.

The physical Pet Haus store is located in CityLand Mall in DubaiLand. Visiting the physical store is a great opportunity to check out the products you want to buy in person. The store is located in close proximity to many affluent suburban communities that are part of the DubaiLand settlement. These gated communities are home to many pets and their parents. The store caters to the pet needs of these communities.

Pet Haus is a family oriented business and considers not just the pets, but also their pet parents, its customers.

The services

Whether you want to pamper your pet with a grooming session, keep up with dental care or tackle a tick situation, Pet Haus has got you covered. The store has a whole section dedicated to healthcare and grooming products that is equipped with everything you will need to maintain your pet’s appearance and health.

An exclusive service offered to Pet Haus customers, Autoship is ideal for those pet parents who are constantly busy and are worried about running out of supplies for their pets with no time to restock. You can save a list of all of your pet’s essentials and have the products delivered to your doorstep on a scheduled date each month without placing a separate order. Orders over AED 100 get free shipping!

The Autoship subscription allows registered customers to avail a 5% discount on recurring orders of eligible products as well as cancel anytime they want without a cancellation fee. Flexible scheduling helps to control stock as required. You can postpone or prepone an order if you need to.

A mobile application available for Android and IOS helps you to manage your orders and shop on your mobile phone, for utmost convenience and comfort.
You can register a user account on the website or the app and save all your past orders, avail the Autoship subscription and create a personal profile for your pet buddy to receive a surprise birthday gift with your order!

Online store:
Mobile: +971 55 1965 858

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