Move-in cleaning: Tips to make your new home the right way

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  • 03 Nov, 2022
Move-in cleaning: Tips to make your new home the right way

There is a lot to figure out when moving houses. A thorough cleaning of your new home is one of them.

Getting your house cleaned before you move in can be a pain. The job can be tricky. In some cases, it’s hard to even know where to begin.

Here are some cleaning tips you can use to tidy up your new place like a pro.


1. Pack systematically

Your move-in will be seamless if you follow this simple tip. Think about what you would want in each room when packing your things.

Sort items by room and pack them together. Label these boxes clearly and drop them off in the corresponding rooms during the move. This reduces clutter right away since you only have what you need in each room.

While packing and labeling may take more time than just throwing everything into boxes as you go, it will save you time. You’ll be less stressed when you unpack as you won’t have to figure out which box the frying pan is in.


2. Planning is key

There’s no way of knowing how well the previous residents cleaned the place. It might look clean, but it’s not. Normally, people just clean the dust off the house. 

Plan out the cleaning session well before you begin. Consider the whole house, not just the individual rooms. Which room will you start with? Estimate how much time you’ll spend cleaning each room and in what order.

Our top tips? Start with the bedrooms and kitchen since you’ll need to use them soon. Spend more time cleaning the bathroom. A half-cleaned bathroom isn’t something you want to use!


3. The right way to clean

Start at the top and work your way down to prevent dirt from falling from above and ruining your efforts. To ensure you don’t miss anything, start in one corner and work your way around it. Always finish cleaning one room before moving on to the next one, so you can see the results and find motivation to clean the next.

Unpack your boxes and arrange the room as soon as you’re done with cleaning. It will be easier to see how the room looks and you will have fewer boxes to deal with. Your belongings will also help you feel at home much faster once you fill the space.


4. While you’re at it, do it right

Start living in your new home the right way by paying attention to detail when cleaning it. Once you get busy, you’re unlikely to notice that carpet stain again if you leave it for now. 

Make sure the empty space is properly cleaned before you unpack. Moving your furniture around and cleaning those hard-to-reach spots will be twice as difficult after you’ve arranged it. 

There are many areas around the house that need special attention. Make sure to clean the door knobs, window handles, light switches, and taps. These places are highly contaminated as everyone touches them all the time, but they’re normally overlooked when cleaning. 

Make the most of your new home with these top tips, and enjoy a fresh, clean start. With a bit of planning, careful cleaning, and plenty of elbow grease, your home will sparkle from top to bottom from day one.

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