What makes a good home office

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  • 23 Apr, 2020
What makes a good home office

We all have those days when we just can’t find the motivation to focus on work, and this might be happening a bit more frequent nowadays while we stay at home. People are juggling with their children, home chores, meals, workouts, work projects, and let’s not forget those endless video conferences. However, I bet they wouldn’t have trouble focusing on work if they had a fantastic home office that would inspire them to roll up the sleeves and get productive.

So, what makes a proper home office? Ideally, it should be a space without any unnecessary distractions, segregated from the living area. You might have thought that working in your pyjamas from your sofa in front of the TV was a fantastic idea, but by now you probably know that this impacts your productivity negatively.

Furthermore, having ample natural light will make the space look better and give you that energy boost required to be productive at home. Lighting is essential even at night, so you should invest in ambient lighting, especially if you are a night bird. Finally, don’t forget that you’ll need to feel comfortable throughout your work hours, so our recommendations is to get a comfortable chair with ergonomic features for full support.

Inspired by the current situation, we decided to deep dive into our listings, and as a result, we have discovered several outstanding home offices hidden in villas and apartments across Dubai. Most of these offices in our selection are in villas, but there is also an abundance of choice when it comes to home offices in apartments.

Gothic Vibes

This classy home office is located in a 6-bedroom villa set amidst lush green landscaping in Barari. Natural colours throughout the room with subtle wall decorations will not be a distraction while working or conducting business meetings in this office. The highlight of the room is a massive black chandelier that brings a hint of dramatic gothic vibe to this unique space.

Modern elegance

Our next office is an epitome of modern luxury, located in a 6-bedroom villa in Picadilly Green. This spacious, airy home office is engulfed with floor to ceiling windows overlooking crystal clear waters of the lakes in DAMAC Hills. Warm wooden elements are combined with metal and glass elements giving this office a sleek and elegant look and feel.

Traditional setting in a luxurious home

This traditional office space is secluded inside of an enormous 7-bedroom luxury villa in Jumeirah, just a few steps away from the beach. A mix of vintage elements makes this office feel warm, lived in, and personal, instead of feeling like a cold office space with fluorescent lighting. The home office is such a comfortable room to work, surrounded by shelves filled with books and literature.

Office overlooking a golf course

This bright, light home office is the perfect place to think and be productive. Sleek black furniture is combined with golden elements that add that hint of luxury to this room. Green manicured garden is just behind the glass, providing the calming escape when it’s time need to reflect and relax during the work hours. The office is located in The Field, DAMAC Hills (Akoya by DAMAC) in a 6-bedroom villa.

Eclectic office nook

In an opulent villa in Hattan 2, we found this charming workspace which is brightened by the contrasting colours and shapes of three different chairs, and a massive dark wooden table in the middle of the room. The rest of the room and furniture is in white and light grey tones.

Clean and bright

The décor of this home office is in line with the rest of this luxurious penthouse in Vida Downtown, which has a contemporary feel with a strictly white palette and strategically placed neutral furniture items throughout the apartment. A wall is covered with a bookshelf that brings the room together and gives that warm feel, ideal for book lovers.

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