The Betterhomes Group is taking serious measures to fight COVID-19

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  • 17 Mar, 2020
The Betterhomes Group is taking serious measures to fight COVID-19

A message from the CEO

Dear Customers,

We are closely following the situation regarding the Coronavirus and we have made a number of changes within the Betterhomes Group to reduce the spread of the virus while also ensuring we are able to continue to serve our customers.

5 changes we have made to fight Covid-19:

1.       Working from home 

The majority of our employees are working from home, to increase social distancing. Some will be in our offices so we are still open for business but less is more when it comes to fighting this virus.

2.       New communication 

We need to keep our communication flowing so we have set up a video conferencing service for our staff and our customers that works well and is not blocked in the UAE. If you want to meet with us virtually rather than in person, no problem, we can set that up. If you are overseas we can arrange for a live virtual walk-through of any property you may be interested in. We also have the phone tech in place to ensure that your call will get to the appropriate agent right away, so we have you covered.

3.       Free POAs 

With many of our international customers unable to travel to the UAE to sign for property transactions our conveyancing team, Clarity, can provide Power of Attorney services for the purpose of completing transactions free of charge.

4.       Sanitized offices 

Hand sanitizer is now at the entrance, exit and in every section of our offices. We have also implemented a strict cleaning program whereby all handles, surfaces, switches and other areas are being sanitized numerous times throughout the day.

5.       Sanitized viewing and meetings 

We’ve asked our staff not to shake hands and they will be using hand sanitizer before and after meetings. It is hard not to high five after finding your perfect home, but it is safer this way. We have also made masks and gloves available to agents to be used on a case by case basis.

Coronavirus is a global crisis that needs to be taken seriously. We hope these policies will provide our staff and customers with as safe an environment as possible while we continue to offer the great service that our customers have come to expect from Betterhomes. 

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us if you feel there is anything further we can do.

Best regards, 

Ryan Mahoney

Chief Executive Officer

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