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Villas to rent in Abu Dhabi

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Renting a Villa in Abu Dhabi

Say hello to high-class, suburban life in Abu Dhabi's best villa communities. Perfect for leading a family-centric lifestyle, villas are sprawling, spacious properties that are ideal for families with kids and many members. Construction of villas in this city is sleek and modern, sometimes featuring traditional designs with contemporary utility. Interiors that support a 21st century lifestyle, built with the latest technology, furnishings and fittings, are commonly found.

The gated communities and areas that house these villas are located on the outskirts, fostering upcoming settlements branched away from the main city which is a high-concentration area for apartment buildings and complexes. Away from the noise and traffic of downtown Abu Dhabi, these communities have more room to breathe, a more peaceful atmosphere and a more relaxed vibe.

Areas like Mohammed Bin Zayed City and Khalifa City A are popular villa communities that feature beautiful properties and amenities like healthcare and schooling close by as well as private pools, round-the-clock security, front and back yards and private parking for the residents. A large number of decent-sized malls are present in and around the areas and have options for dining, shopping and entertainment. Convenience stores to satisfy immediate needs are also present.

Villa communities in Abu Dhabi are serene areas that offer the promise of a laid-back life and plenty of opportunities to unwind, disconnect and recharge. If you want to experience suburban living at its finest, these communities are for you!

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