We all know that Dubai is the most well recognised city in the United Arab Emirates. Due to modern advancement in architectural structures and buildings it has considered a resort city of the Middle East. World’s rich travelers consider visiting Dubai due to luxurious accommodation it offers to the visitors and travelers. Now days, buyers and investors from all over the world are taking interest to buy Dubai property. Dubai State Government has designed and implemented few Dubai property laws for real estate buyers and investors across the world. These rules and regulation address much legal issue related to selling, buying and owing Dubai property.


Who can buy Dubai Property?

Buying an asset in this city used to be very complex process for foreign investors and buyers. During past years, government doesn’t allow foreigners to buy free hold of Dubai properties. Due to great interest of foreign investors in Real Estate Dubai the Crown Prince of Dubai named Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, announces a new Dubai property law that enables foreigners to free hold leases of Dubai property for unlimited time period. They get permission to apply for 10 to 99 years leases in specific areas. These freehold rights are very similar in nature like property owner ship rights in other countries. Foreigners who obtain freehold rights can use their asset forever. Moreover, they are allowed to transfer their rights to other person. Beneficiary of free holders are entitled for asset upon death of freeholder. In order to possess freehold for properties in specific areas, buyers have get approval from the ruling government. But areas that already get approval for foreigners, any individual or foreign company will be eligible to hold Dubai Property.


Why a Buyer or Investor must be Aware of Dubai Property Laws?

Buyers and investors around the world show great interest in buying Dubai property even they will receive provisional legislative proof against their huge investment in real estate Dubai. Due to absence of legal verification buyers must know primary Dubai property laws in order to make safe deals. A residential permit to live in United Arab Emirates is required to make any residential or commercial property purchase. Getting a residential permit to live here does not allow foreigners to work here. Unlike other countries documental verification is not performed on asset purchase in this city. Buyers only need to sign a contract paper for making property deals. Usually, buyers are required to deposit 10-20% of the total asset price. If you are going to make a purchase deal in newly constructed project you will have to make payments in installments. In purchase agreement in Dubai you can transfer amount to third party or vendor. If a buyer is making payment via vendor he needs to pay 2% of the total property price as fee to vendor.


Dubai Property Laws

Dubai is the most populated and well known city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai economy is not based on oil, rather this place derive its major income from real estate, tourism and financial services. Dubai property market used to be a fastest growing industry, but the recent global financial crisis also affect property development badly. Eventually asset prices fallen down, and buyers and investors get good chances to make good deals. For buyers this is the best time to purchase a Dubai Property. In order to make successful purchase deal every buyer must know specific laws that talk about buying, ownership and selling of Dubai properties. Following are the three major Dubai property laws that every buyer or seller must understand.


Real Estate Law Number Seven

Real Estate Law Number Seven was passed in 2006 by the Estate Government of Dubai. This law reduces restriction on foreigners related to property ownership in Dubai. According to UAE estate laws foreigner were not allowed to hold ownership of land and building properties in Dubai. After implementation of this Real Estate Law number Seven, foreigners or non residents can obtain property ownership on rent or lease. The duration of property lease for any property is around 99 years that must get approved by State Government of Dubai.


Rental Property Laws

For rental properties in Dubai like apartments and residential properties, tenant contract is usually signed for one year if not it will be specified in written contract. Landlords are not allowed to increase rent. Rents can be raised when the lease finished and it’s time to renew it. Moreover, land lords are not allowed to raise rent more than 15%. In case of any dispute between renter and homeowner, they need to file a case to the municipality’s rent Control Committee. The panel will hear the dispute and make judgment accordingly. Tenant and homeowner will have to obey the decision made by panel.


Inheritance Property Law

This law is quite complex as compared to other Dubai property laws. If a deceased asset owner holds membership of other nation then inheritance law of UAE also consider law of other nation. It becomes more complex to decide inherited owners if a home owner holds dual citizen ship of two countries other than UAE. A valid will that fulfill all the legal standards of UAE and Dubai is essentially required to assign estate to legal beneficiaries. In the absence of legal will it is an Intestate Court decides how a property should be divided among recipients or state will owe that property. That’s why foreign investors and buyers investing in real estate Dubai must have a valid will to save their asset for their families.



Dubai property laws are very important for local and foreign buyers and investors. Anyone who is going to sell, purchase or rent any kind of property must follow these Dubai property laws. This will help them to take full advantages of their assets in Dubai. Rather they can also transfer their property ownership to their siblings or family.

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Your positions continually have got a lot of really up to date info. Where do you come up with this? Just saying you are very resourceful. Thanks again http://yenixxx.micaze.com/amp/

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