Your most asked off-plan questions, answered

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  • 28 Sep, 2022
Your most asked off-plan questions, answered

Buying off-plan properties is a big decision for many, and sometimes having unanswered questions makes it harder to keep a clear mind. However, you don’t have to wonder anymore, as we’ve collected the top off-plan questions, with the most precise answers we can offer.

What are off-plan properties?

Off-plan properties are projects that are currently in the process of being built.

What are the benefits of buying off-plan?

Buying off-plan properties gives you the flexibility of payments and often comes with a lower price tag. Among the primary motivations for purchasing an off-plan unit is that you will receive a brand new unit, which during snagging you can ensure is exactly to your taste. It also greatly reduces the wear and tear on a building or unit as it ages.

Can foreigners buy off-plan properties in Dubai?

Yes, everyone can buy off-plan properties in Dubai.

What are payment plans and how are they different than mortgages?

Payment plans come directly from the developer and give buyers a chance to make payments throughout the construction phases and sometimes post-handover too. This way, it eliminates the need for banks and loans. However, if you’re still in the need of a mortgage, you can get one through the developer and avail lower rates. 

Can I sell an off-plan property before settling the full amount?

Most developers will allow you to sell your property even if you weren’t able to finish your payments. It’s important to read the fine print and see what your contract allows and doesn’t allow you to do. 

How secure is it to buy an off-plan property in Dubai?

Purchasing properties in Dubai is highly regulated and comes with a lot of laws to protect the buyer. Investing with a well-known developer provides peace of mind knowing that the product you bought is exactly what you’ll get.

How soon can you get a return on your investment?

As soon as your property is built, snagging has been completed, and finally handed over, you can put your property on the market to find a tenant. Betterhomes can help you list your property and find the perfect tenant.  

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